Hello sir

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Like the great speech james earl jones made in "field of dreams", hello sir.", "Hello, sir. are you here for us? i believe so."
Hello, sir. Lieutenant. hello, sir. Hello sir, bring us your best bottle of cabernet. Hello, sir. hello, ma'am. Hello? hello, sir. this is captain sharp. Hello, sir. how are you today? Hello, sir. welcome to boise. Hello, sir. can i be of assistance? Hello, sir. hey. Hello sir. hello! Oh, hi. hello, sir. how are you? Hello, sir. Hello, sir. how are you? Hello, sir. this is everett sloan. can you hear me? Hello, sir. it's david. Hello, sir. welcome to the american consulate. Hello, sir. oh, how do you do? Mary? hello, sir. Hello, sir. may i help you? Hello sir. how are you today? Hello? sir? Dude. hello, sir. Hello, sir. i'm assuming it's a sir. Hello, sir? excuse me. Hello? sir. sir! Hello, sir. may i check your briefcase? Hello, sir. would you like to buy some cookies? Oh, hello, sir. Hello, sir, you look better this morning. I'm through. stand down. look. hello, sir. Hello? sir. Hello, sir, good afternoon. Yes? yes. hello, sir. this is mr. garmen from the quarantine unit of st. mary's hospital. Mr. macdonaldson, you have a call on line one. hello? sir, hi. it's evan. How you doin'? hello, sir. Oh, hello. sir. Hello, sir... who is it? Hello, sir. i'm susannah. Hello, sir. if you're looking for a place to enjoy yourself, all you need is some of that lovely stuff, money... you, sir, should be having a good time. Hello, sir, please don't eavesdrop on my business. And hello, sir. who are you? Hello, sir? sir? Hello? sir? excuse me? sir? Hello, sir, hi. hello? hi, there. Kent drazen. hello, sir. Hello, sir. would you like a newspaper to read? Yes, what is it? hello, sir. sorry to disturb you. Hello, sir tom. i'm a friend of harry's. Coast guard, fitzgibbon. hello, sir. we're on spooky island. Hello, sir. this is, uh, mr. ramos's attorney. Hello, sir, how was your meal today? Hello, sir, do you speak english? Oh, hello, sir. your change, please. Hello, sir. this is mr. sophistication. Hello, mrs boyce. hello, sir. Hello, sir, i'm working on here with you today. Yes. hello, sir... are you the bugger that's been calling here all night and hanging up? Excuse me? excuse me? hello? hello? sir? miss? Oh! hello. hello, sir. Mr. volpi, it's a pleasure. hello, sir. how are you? Hello, sir james? Fox! hello, sir. Hello, sir. pleasure. Hello, sir! rough day, huh? yeah. yeah. Hello, sir. we'd like you to have this flower on behalf of the church of religious consciousness. Hello, sir. l'm here on official north pole business. Hello, sir? hi, are you all right? contact, everyone! Hello, sir. um, we're from south harmon. Hello, sir. my name's chris gardner. Thanks. hello? sir, this is tony stark. Hello, sir. please come. please come. Nice to meet you. hello, sir. We just saw you there, sir, thought we'd say hello, sir. Hello, sir? is that you there? Hello, sir. are you here for us? i believe so. Like the great speech james earl jones made in "field of dreams", hello sir. sir hello