Hello it's

Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hello? it's about time you showed up, sullivan."
Hello? it's dixon. Hi, hello. it's mitch. mitch henderson. Yeah? hello, it's vincent. Hello? it's walt. Hello, it's me... leave a message... Hello. it's for you. Hello? it's lydia, your wife. Hello, it's dr. howard. i'm not here right now. please leave a message. Hello. it's scott. Hello, it's bloody. Hello? it's area code five hundred and sixteen four million, seven hundred and twenty three thousand, four hundred and two Hello? it's too hot here right now. can't talk. Yeah? hello. it's bill. Hello? it's dr. frohm. Vin, hello, it's ana again at sunnyside. Hello? it's roger. Hello? hello, it's carmine. Hello. it's me. Hello? it's russell dodson. Hello, it's me. it's me. shut up and listen. Hello. it's a great party. Hello. hello, it's me. Hello, it's martin. this is philomena lee. anthony's mother. Hello. it's good to see you. i can see why. Hello, billy. i say hello. it's deputy! Hello? it's fred weil. Hello. it's muir. where are we? Sister. hello. it's my first day here. Hello? it's on now? Hello? it's baby. Hello. it's meredith logue. Hello, it's the sweetie man. Hello? it's adrian. Ben... hello, it's art. Hello! it's me! Hello? it's mum. Hello... it's been a long time! Hello? it's me. Hello? it's me. Hello? it's harry. Hello? it's porter. Hello. it's chris! you gotta come with me. What are you expecting? "hello, it's only me"? Hello? it's sure been a longtime. Hello! it's called reading between the lines. Hello. it's his answering machine. leave a message. Hello. it's your mother. Hello? it's constable trevor lock here. "hello, it's mr. nasty." Hello, it's laurel hester. Hello? it's quaker. Hello? hello. it's me. Hello. it's frank. pretend it's someone else. Hello? it's for you. Hello? it's dead out here and i'm hating you about now. Hello, it's connie. it's me. Eva, hello! it's me, doug glatt. Hello? it's about time you showed up, sullivan. it's hello