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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hello. i'm alice klieg, and welcome to me.", "Plus, hello? i'm right here."
Hello, i'm here. Hello. i'm john. this is sue. Yeah. hello, i'm calling about a uniform. Hello. i'm swarmina. Hello. i'm right here. 'the people's court.' hello, i'm doug llewelyn, and welcome to 'the people's court.' Hello, i'm pleased to meet you. Yes. hello, i'm looking for emily. Hello. i'm surveying mortgage owners who are over ninety days delinquent. Hello? i'm really sony. i forgot. he's gone out. Hello, i'm rory. Hello, i'm your detective for the evening. please stay here. Hello, i'm dalton trumbo. Hello! i'm sorry. i guess i dialed the wrong number. Oh, hello. i'm philomena. and you are? Hello, i'm johnnycab. where can i take you tonight? I know. hello. i'm so sorry we couldn't make it to the wedding. Hello. i'm stu nahan, and i'd like you to meet this young man. Hello? i'm sorry. i can't hear you very well. Yes? hello. i'm chris. Hello! i'm daphne castle. welcome to the island. Hello, i'm max fischer. Hello. i'm jeanmarie bougnier. Hello. i'm joe black. Hello? i'm sorry, mr. oldman. Hello? i'm trying to locate harry lockhart. Hello, i'm macintosh. Hello, i'm busy. i'll have to call you back. Hello. i'm dr farmer. Hello. i'm trying to set up a meeting with pete olsson. Hello. i'm trying to get in contact with anyone. Hello. i'm tommy tuberville, auburn university. Hello, i'm anita bryant. Hello. i'm ian. ian whitehead. Hello, i'm ivor. i know who you are. Hello. i'm jb bernstein. Hello, i'm calling to check on a dog that i reported missing. lucy. Hello. i'm your boyfriend now, nancy. Hello, i'm claire norman. Your phone's going all screwy. hello? i'm losing you. Hello, i'm dickie. meredith randall. Hello. i'm rory. very pleased to meet you. a real thrill. Hello, i'm pat healy. Hello? hello, i'm pauline from youtube sweden. Jbb, sir. hello. i'm vivek. Hello. i'm gone. Hello. i'm scared of you. Hello? i'm tommy. tommy hatcher. Hello. i'm bea mccready. this is my husband, lionel. Hello. i'm anna. Hello. i'm harriet bird. Hello. i'm wilson. Hello. i'm neil baldwin. welcome to keele university. Hello. i'm harvey milk. Hello, i'm ewen macaskill from the guardian. Hello, i'm mrs. house, and i have a bad heart. Hello, i'm bob. Hello, i'm rhonda silver. Hello. i'm here to see the man with the hands. Hello, i'm calling to speak to mildred loving. Hello. i'm general zamir. Hello. i'm alma. Hello. i'm gonna die. Hello. hello, i'm making a telephone call. Hello. i'm neil baldwin. Hello. i'm frank. Hello. i'm morris weissman. Hello. i'm winifred holtby. This is jenny. hello. i'm alice. : hello. i'm harvey. and i've come to give you gyp. Hello, i'm rebecca payne, hospital director. Hello. i'm sorry. Hello! hello! i'm here! Uh, hello, i'm sam. Yes, hello, i'm sorry to bother you... Hello, i'm jackie. oh, nice to meet you. Hello. i'm darcy. Hello, i'm am reginald von belly button. Hello! i'm ira wright. Hello, i'm calling to confirm an appointment today, thirty Hello. i'm a businessman first. Hello? i'm at fillmore and nineteen I just want to say hello. i'm walter bentley. Hello. i'm so sorry. i had to get the little one down. Hello. i'm nurse shelly. Hello. i'm rachel horowitz. Hello. i'm mary flaherty. Hello? i'm in here! Hello. i'm so happy to see you. Hello. i'm looking for dana barrett. Hello. i'm not in right now, but please leave a message. Hello? i'm there. Hello, i'm kate mctiernan. Hello! i'm sorry, keanu? Hello, i'm nurse katie, nice to meet you, just follow me to your room. Hi. hello. i'm fine. here you go. Hello. i'm here to see my son. Plus, hello? i'm right here. Hello. i'm alice klieg, and welcome to me. i'm hello