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Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hello? i'm sorry, who is this?"
Hello, i'm very pleased to meet you. Hello. i'm john. this is sue. Hello, i'm here. oh. Hello. i'm neil baldwin. welcome to keele university. Hello, i'm michael travis. Hello. i'm josephine march. Hello? hello, i'm talking to you. Hello. i'm surveying mortgage owners who are over ninety days delinquent. Hello? i'm another person in the world. Hello, i'm ron clark. Hello, i'm anita bryant. Hello. i'm alma. Hello. i'm general zamir. yes. Hello? i'm trying to locate harry lockhart. Yes. hello, i'm looking for emily. Hello. hello, i'm from luxembourg. Excuse me. hello, i'm looking for my painting. Hello, i'm bob solo. i'm with west side realty. Hello. i'm harriet bird. Hello, i'm dalton trumbo. Hello. i'm... Yeah? hello, i'm lieutenant bishop. Hello, i'm henry. henry is at lapell's factory. Hello. i'm frank. Hello. i'm butch. Um... hello. i'm james. Hello, i'm claire norman. Hello, i'm bethany weston. Hello. i'm anna. Hello. i'm morris weissman. Hello. i'm chris lee. Hello. i'm rom with an "m." Hello. i'm joan. Hello! i'm sorry. i guess i dialed the wrong number. Yes, sir? hello. i'm joe black. Hello, i'm detective inspector thomas. Hello. i'm lucy. lucy rose. Hello. i'm professor kinsey from... excuse me. i'm professor kinsey. Hello, i'm professor kinsey from indiana university... and i'm making a study of sex behavior. Ma'am? hello. i'm sorry to disturb you. Hello, i'm calling to check on a dog that i reported missing. lucy. Hello, i'm rebecca payne, hospital director. Hello. i'm gonna die. Hello. i'm looking for the president's freshman tea? oh, good. Hello? i'm sorry. Hello! i'm home! i forgot my key. Hello! i'm daphne castle. welcome to the island. Hello. i'm jb bernstein. Hello, i'm lawrence woolsey. Hello, i'm lawrence woolsey... and i want to warn you about something that could happen... something that does happen in my newest motion picture. Hello. i'm sorry i'm late. Hello, i'm mrs. gunn. Hello. i'm here. Hello. i'm so sorry to hear about your mother. Hello, i'm penelope. and you must be? Yes, hello. i'm checking on some luggage. hang on. Hello. i'm lucy. Hello, i'm your doctor, take your clothes off. Henry, hello. i'm rudy. rudy. Hello, i'm terry hoskins. Hello! i'm shower ready! Hello, i'm over here. Hello, i'm tristram neville from cheltenham, reading pure mathematics. Hello. i'm april. Hello, i'm ronald merrick, and i'm here to invite you aboard our starliner. So? hello, i'm playing a belly dancer. Hello, i'm roger clifford, president of cnm and chairman of clifford enterprises. Hello, i'm calling from family first funeral service. Hello. i'm calling for frankie fish. Hello. i'm nice. Hello? i'm sorry about this. Hello, i'm happy to meet you. Hello, i'm henry gibson, speaking to you on behalf of the united appeal for the dead. Hello. i'm george westinghouse. Hello. i'm george westinghouse. do we have an appointment? Talk about dumb questions. hello, i'm arab. Hello. i'm staying with aunt jane. "hello. i'm a man in a play." Hello, i'm betty mcleish. Hello. i'm doing it. leaving him. Hello! i'm so glad you picked up. Hello? i'm here, i'm here. Hello, i'm john ringold. i'm here to see george malley. Hello, i'm the queen. Hello, i'm little red riding hood. Hello, i'm james dean. Hello. i'm city hall. Hello? i'm down here. Hello, i'm angelo badsmith. Hello, charles. hello, i'm phillip goodman. Hello. i'm darcy. Hello. i'm jane masterson, principal here at hayden high. hi. Hello, i'm george walters. Hello. i'm vincent dooley. Hello. i'm sorry to bother you but i was wondering if this is the laura bennett residence? Hello? i'm martha plant and i'm calling because the heat is real. Hello, i'm shelley snipes. coming up on ufo mania live... i'll be taking a hard look at some compelling new data. Hello! i'm ira wright. Hello, i'm a police officer. Hello? i'm sorry, who is this? i'm hello