Hello hello

Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Or i shall die oh, hello, hello, my dear god...", "Hello! hello, who is it please?", "You awake? hello. hello.", "Hello? hello, mr. bishop?"
Hello? hello? Hello, hello, hello. Hello? hello? anybody home? huh? Stop! stop! ruf on the road! hi. hello. hello. Whoa, hello, hello. bonus musical question. Hello? hello? hello? Hi. hello, hello, aboy. Hello, hello. Hello. hello. Hello? hello chris? ... we are at the end of week seven heading towards week eight with these three incredible kids, who hello, hello. Say, "hello". hello. Hello? hello? lars, lars. Phll: hello, hello. Hello, hello. good. Hello, hello! did you see them? Hey, little one! hello. hello! Hello, hello! Hello. hello, howard? Hello! hello! Hello. hello, daddy. Hello? hello? anybody home? Good evening, peter. hello? hello? Hello? hello, anybody there? Hello, hello? what are you... ethan? Hello? hello, darling, how are you? Yeah. yeah, there they are. hello, hello. Hello. hello. is this a coincidence? Can anybody hear me, please?! hello?! hello?! Hello ? hello? hello, is everything all right? Erm, hello. hello. Hello? hello, perry. Hello. hello, welcome to mr. goodstein's. Hello? hello. luka. Hello, hello, over here, over here! "hello." "hello. hello." Hello. hello, isobel. Hello? hello. Hello? hello, admitting. Hello... hello... Heyoh! everybody, listen up! hello, hello! Hello? hello, dad? Hello. hello? Hello? hello? is rusty there? Hello. hello, william. this is milo. Hello? hello, ulee? you still there? Hello? hello, helen. Hey. hello, hello. want to buy dvds? very good. very good. Yeah. hello? hello? Hello. hello ? Oh, hello. hello. Hello? hello! Hello. hello. hello. Hello. hello, is. did you make it? Hello! hello. Hello, hello. hey, guys. Hello? hello, mr. bishop? You awake? hello. hello. Hello! hello, who is it please? Or i shall die oh, hello, hello, my dear god... hello hello