Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Harry? no! what are you doing here?", "Okay, tappy, if you don't mind, i would just like to say hello... to my husband seymour... and to my beautiful, successful son, harry."
And, harry, jimmy, trent, wherever you are out there, fuck you, too! Have harry bring me the spreadsheets for canary islands' offshore. Harry potter, i now speak directly to you. There will come a time when harry potter must be told something. Harry, it's christmas eve. Plenty of people in central services would love to get their hands on harry tuttle. One dollars is a little rich for my blood, harry. We got george, we got harry, we got trouble. It'll be okay, harry. That's what harry said. where you goin'? Harry, mama loves you. Is it in here, harry? You're holding out, right? harry? I'll be going now, harry. Harry potter. Get on the phone to harry in new york. got it. Marion? harry? Harry. Snape knows. he knows that harry was spotted in hogsmeade. Hello. hi, harry. Harry. hey, ma, easy. Harry, wait. i need to talk to you. Later. harry potter! I love you, harry. On the night lord voldemort... went to godric's hollow to kill harry... and lily potter cast herself between them... the curse rebounded. There's only one harry. shut up, seamus. Hello? harry? You can't help. harry... It's come to my attention that earlier this evening... harry potter was sighted in hogsmeade. Of course it's happening inside your head, harry. Help will always be given at hogwarts, harry, to those who ask for it. You're giving me an ulcer, harry! Do not pity the dead, harry. If we die for them, harry, i'm gonna kill you. We lost harry tonight. Harry, be safe. There's this guy at school named harry. Call me harry. What do you say, harry? Oh, harry, i don't need a present. just have a baby. Harry? Harry tuttle, heating engineer, at your service. Harry, i'm sara goldfarb, not albert einstein. Harry havemeyer, trent potter and jimmy jameson. Look inside him, harry. You were the horcrux he never meant to make, harry. Harry potter is dead. Harry potter is dead! It's harry. oh, look. It's early, harry. we shouldn't get going till tonight. Look, we'll talk later, okay, luna? harry. George and i saw harry and his buddies doin' somethin'. What have i got, harry? Harry. harry, you are so loved. so loved. Give me harry potter and i shall leave hogwarts untouched. Juice by harry. juice by harry. Harry talks in his sleep. have you noticed? Okay, harry. i'm coming back, marion. Harry got juice. harry got juice. whoa, harry. Give me harry potter... and you will be rewarded. Hello, harry. we'll have a little visit. Harry potter... is dead. Maybe they could talk to harry? Juice by harry. whoa, harry. You let him in? harry, you can't do that. Harry. hermione and i have been thinking. Give me harry potter. What is it, harry? Harry goldfarb. Harry! Harry! yeah! My good friends call me harry. Harry. it's desmond. I managed to find it and i dispatched a few of them... harry. Harry, are you all right? Harry, i'm not gonna sleep with him or anything. How short, harry? And you should see my harry on television. There's a reason harry can speak with snakes. Even amongst goblins you're famous, harry potter. What do we do, harry? You don't strike me as a fool, harry potter. So how are you, harry? you're looking so good. What's the plan, harry? Harry. harry! When that happened, a part of voldemort's soul... latched itself onto the only living thing it could find: harry himself. Getting the money is not the problem, harry. That's nice, harry. Tyrone is gonna score in the morning, harry. I'm somebody now, harry. Show off this harry winston. Okay, tappy, if you don't mind, i would just like to say hello... to my husband seymour... and to my beautiful, successful son, harry. Harry? no! what are you doing here?