Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Is he handsome? who?", "Isn't he handsome? my god, he's handsome.", "He's handsome. he's charming. he's just very, very french.", "I know that he is handsome..."
Hello, handsome. Daddy, you look so handsome. do i? If you need more inspiration, just look at the handsome man sitting across the table from you, paying for your dinner tonight. I guess you're handsome in a texas hick, white trash, dumb kinda way. I thought he was very handsome. You all are handsome, but if you don't have a search warrant, you ain't coming in. Now, this is where one lucky couple... will win this handsome trophy that marilyn here is holding. Telling me how handsome my son is? well, that i am. This handsome guy right here is lucky ford. Not so fast, handsome. I'll give you a handsome reward. You are my handsome man. Well, he's very handsome, for one thing, you know? Okay. see you later. you go to it, handsome. Was purchased from a very needy person… for a rather handsome amount. Why don't we try on this beautiful, handsome, white shirt. If he succeeds, in my opinion... i think he'd make a great president and a handsome one, too. Handsome fee, private plane, very remote. He wasn't very handsome. "a handsome young knight is madly in love with a princess. Hey, handsome! beck, close the hatch. The guy was on tv a lot during the porter case. he was handsome. A handsome, muscular man. Well, he must have been... a very intelligent, handsome man. There's a particularly tall and very handsome man named stuart here for you. "hey, handsome man, let's go undercover. Thank you, handsome. my pleasure. Why couldn't they give me that handsome leading blond man here to keep me company, instead of you? You look handsome. Give me the management of fifty acres and plowing and sowing and harvest and i could do it and make me a handsome profit into the bargain. But why? because you're not handsome. go! He's quite handsome. his hair's so blond. He's devastatingly handsome. So, do i look handsome? You are a very handsome man. This is very handsome shellfish, maureen. Rich guy. handsome. right. Well, hello handsome. And isn't clive handsome? Me and this fuckin' handsome guy, we work, like, ten blocks away from where the bombin' happened. I mean, you're handsome and you're a good friend. And him, handsome rob. Hey, please don't snoop around, sir. hey, relax, handsome. Handsome, dazed... and to die for. Known associates, leon trett and his handsome wife, roberta. He's much more handsome than i ever was. And yet for all that, cousin, let him be a handsome fellow, or else make another curtsy and say, "father, as it please me." Once, when l was a little girl... on the banks of the sunagawa... a handsome stranger was kind enough... to buy me a cup of sweet ice... I didn't find him attractive at first, because he's not handsome in the typical way. Because he's handsome and he's charming and... Hey, handsome. are you packing? You're still good looking. you're still very handsome. So, what's it gonna be, handsome? And handsome must be a requirement too. But you're so handsome. Really handsome soldiers, and... the french girls are applauding as they pass by. And there will be a handsome price for each vote that goes tammany's way. It might take a queer more than five minutes to make up his mind while watching this handsome lieutenant stroke his magnificent organ. Strong witnesses. and handsome too, don’t you think? Was he on friendly terms with the handsome young adelmo? I'm even more handsome than he is. You know, he's very handsome. Doesn't he look handsome in that uniform? He was handsome, smart, funny, sophisticated and charming. Well, that's because he is handsome rob. Hey, charlie... handsome, can you help him with the bike? Handsome rob? we're in position. Slow down a second, handsome. Very well, sir. you're not only handsome, but a powerful man. I thought you'd be more handsome in person. iron man. Hey. good morning, handsome. Let's hear it. come on, give them a hand. handsome luke! I'll negotiate a handsome fee, for every irish vote... you send tammany's way, in the coming elections. You look more handsome in the poster. Look, francis, when i sell the property, i do intend to make you a handsome settlement. You're very handsome. you look just like somebody that i know. You know, sexy voice, asked if you were tall, dark and handsome. Listen, you're handsome, you're successful. He was so handsome... and the way he held me in his arms. See you later, handsome. You look great, hal. so handsome. Who's a handsome boy? keep working! He told me, his big advice was to go to europe, to find some handsome guy, to have a love affair, if that didn't work, i was suppose to be creative, paint. Handsome. All right, i love you! sleep good, handsome man! The one, the only, handsome luke and the heartthrobs. You're a handsome devil. Hey, handsome. sleep all right? yeah. He's sure to be handsome. No, thank you. this will make you handsome! Handsome son. Handsome but useless young man. like his father. You're not that old and you look handsome. I know that he is handsome... He's handsome. he's charming. he's just very, very french. Isn't he handsome? my god, he's handsome. Is he handsome? who?