Good when

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "A profile is only good when you're trying to narrow down suspects."
Oh, good. when? Hey! smells good. when do we eat? He's joking around. it feels so good when he jokes. ... not good when he's drunk. Good. when will the princess be married? Well, you weren't too good when you were out on the links with me that day. Gee, i hope i look that good when i'm four hundred Like, if it was in a kid's book, it would make you feel good when you turned the page and saw it. Good. when you love 'em, they drive you crazy cos they know they can. It's good when everyone is older and wiser. I don't feel good when i... How good when i can get you. Wow. it's great to see... did you look this good when we were dating? Oh, maybe that's the reason i feel so good when you're around It always sounds good when people offer it to me when i'm in your shape. You want to look good when you see her, don't you? Almost. good. when do i read it? That's not gonna be good when she goes to college. We were good when things were easy. But we are in this together, when it's good, when it's bad. Because a killer in the family doesn't look very good when you're running for senate. Yes. that's not good when they say that, is it? A profile is only good when you're trying to narrow down suspects. when good