Good night

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Good night, doodlebugs.", "Questions have been raised in the house of commons... say good night to daddy."
Okay. good night. Good night. Good night, parker. Did someone have a good night last night? Good night, sweet maiden of the golden ale. Good night, lads. Yes, doctor. good night. good night. So, good night. good night. Good night. good night. Good night, mary anne. Okay, good night. In case i don't see you... good afternoon, good evening, and good night. Good night dad. good night baby. Good night, sweetheart. We must have just said good night to charlie burke when the bomb went off. Good night. hahaha. Well, i'll say good night, then. Good night. thanks. good night. No! good night. i think the fact Oh. good night, baby. Good night, robby. brian. No, no, no, no. good night, joel. Please... don't say good night. It was nice to meet you. have a good night. take it easy. ... evening and good night. Good night, raquel. i'll see you guys around. Good night, sweet betty. Good night, hachi. Did you say good night to neil? good night. Now good night to you, miss phelan. Good night, rita. Have a good night, paul. byebye. In case i don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night. So, you're gonna go out there and you're gonna say, "good night. Okay. good night. night. Child. good night, sir. We'll talk again later. good night, robby. All right, then. okay. good night. Good night dad. Thanks again. good night. Say good night... and go home. I'm sharon schieber. good night. Yeah, okay. good night. Good night, sir. good night. Good night. yeah, good night. Move outta the sticks, fellas. say good night, raquel. I'll say good night. no. Good night, lars. We've had a good night, we've had a few drinks. Okay. all right, good night. Good night, malcolm. So say good night to the bad guy! come on. Good night, phil. Good night sweet friend. thy love ne'er alter 'til thy sweet life end. Good night, buddy. Good night, lads. good night. Thank you so much for your time, and good night. Yeah, all right. i'll see you at christmas. all right. good night. Regarding the safety... good night, dad. good night, son. Good night, paul. yes. kiss the girls for me. Good night, betty. Good night. sleep tight. good night. Good night, mrs. borden. good night, freddie. Well, he talks. good morning, good night, that sort of thing. Good night, mom. C'mon, just get in and get a good night sleep. Okay, thank you. good night. You have a good night. Good night, future boy! All right. call me after you do. good night. Good night, sam. good night, mr. frodo. Good night, jess. So good night unto you all. Good night, mr. wayne. Questions have been raised in the house of commons... say good night to daddy. Good night, doodlebugs. night good