Good luck

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Bye. good luck."
Good luck. Good luck. keep your eye on the ball. Good luck finding a shrink in this town. Good luck, darling. Good luck to all three of you. Go to your stations and good luck. Good luck. i'm not coming back. Good luck with that. Please give a big round of applause good luck, kid. to our very first contestant of the night... jamal malik, from our very own... amchi mumbai. L know you don't like using the boys on these jobs... but vic here, l mean, he's only been nothing but good luck for us. It's a good luck cap. One more for good luck! Good luck, james. Good luck tomorrow. yeah, thanks, man. Good luck, chris. thank you. thank you. Good luck. god bless. Luke, we're ready for takeoff. good luck, lando. Understood? good luck. Good luck. jim. Since my customary farewell would appear oddly selfserving, i shall simply say good luck. Good luck, man. Well, good luck, you guys. Good luck, sir. Thank you, sir. good luck. Good luck to you, jason, you're a decent man. Good luck, rick. hey, peter. Good luck, luke. see you at the rendezvous. Good luck. this isn't a close call. Good luck. come on. follow me, pussy! I bid you farewell and good luck, morons. Dr. jones, good luck. Just wanted to wish you good luck. ... but that's the way of the world. good luck, as always. Good luck, charlie. don't let him drink too much. I'm not here. good luck. Thank you very much, and good luck to you and your mother. Good luck, mr. conners. Good luck, reiben. I'll need this. good luck. Good luck on that subway ride home to your miserable ugly fucking wives. Good luck to you, solomon. Your greatgrandfather gave this watch to your granddad for good luck. So good luck with all that, and good luck with everything else too. Good luck trying to find something decent around here. Good luck, kid. "break a leg", not "good luck." Good luck. go to your corners. Don't drink all the coke. good luck! So i wish you good luck. Good luck. thank you. I believe in deciding things will be good luck. Good luck, jim. Good luck, spud. cheers, cowboy. Good luck, betty dear. Good luck! That's very nice. thank you. good luck, gene. Go. good luck. Copy that, black leader. good luck, poe. Supposed to bring good luck, a bird caught in a room. I mean, opening up? good luck to you. I'm sure you'll do splendidly. good luck to you! I'll just wish you good luck. The onboard count, one hundred and fifty passengers, three flight attendants and two pilots, one of whom, the senior pilot, drew on all of his experience and skill, which combined with nearmiraculous good luck and a result that was, frankly, astounding. Take care. good luck, edward. Good luck to us all. Good luck birds. Hey, bethany. good luck out there today, yeah. Good luck. everybody ready to make history?. That's very kind, thank you. good luck for you. Goodbye and good luck. On my way. lancelot, good luck! Good luck, everybody. Uh, good luck with your worms. yeah. Wow. triple a? that's great. good luck. We love you, we love you. good luck. Good luck and godspeed. Good luck on your interview. And here they come now. hey, guys. good luck. Bye. good luck. luck good