Good day

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "All right. have a good day.", "But, you two, you have business to attend to. sal. ferdy. good day."
Good day. Good day, sir. yeah. This is a good day for me. That'll be a good day, when our boys get home. Good day. here is your bill for the last week. Good day to you. And a good day to you, sir! sit down, please. Good day, sir. Good day, sir, and welcome to the ocean club. Someone has a good day at the tables... and you accuse them of illegal activities? Good day to you, sir. Every day above ground is a good day. Have a good day. see you. Good day, pusscake. That was a pretty good day. Thank you. have a good day. Have a good day. Have a good day. thank you. Yes, good day. general bizimungu, please. That's what you'll charge for each ticket. good day. You girls have a good day. Good day, henry. Good day, fathers. My thanks for your visit. good day. thank you. Here, thanks a lot then. good day. Good day, mr. spooner. Don't lose it, now. good day, dr. brewster! Good day, gentlemen. Good day, everyone. my name is mr. vargas. Good day, gentlemen. thank you. Have a good day. it's good to see you. Ruben! good day! do you got a minute? Lt's a good day to ask yourself if on a personal level, you're willing to accept that. Well, have a good day. New audits. have a good day. Good day. a gentle gift? sorry? Good day, miss. If you don't mind. good day! Have a very good day. It was a good day. Have a good day, sir. Good day, lady. All i wanted to do was give him a good day. Take a look at it. have a good day. And gentlemen, good day. Doug. good day. You're up! good morning, and a good day to you. It's a good day, got no problems. Have a good day. hey, george. Well, it was a good day, mr. hood. Yes, sir. good day. Uh... good day. Good day, mr. forster. Good day to you. good day to you. I said good day, sir. Good day now. Good day, doctor. It's too late it's never too late, sweetie we'll just pray that david had a good day, all right? Gentlemen, i bid you good day. Good day, father. Did you have a good day? i did. You have a good day. all right. Good day, miss brittain. Have a good day. you have a good day. I see behind me on a good day. You have a good day? A street atlas is sixpence. good day. Pretty good day. i mean, the snow? come on. Not a good day to work. Thank you. have a good day. who's next? Good day that was, wasn't it? The problem, of course, is that there's no way of knowing... that your last good day is your last good day. Set fire to my stockings. good day to you. This is a good day too. Oh, mom, today's a good day. Good day, captain. Good day, mate. Oh, come on, charlotte. she had a good day. Good day, mate. hi. Before an election, panic is what you've got on a good day. I hope you have a good day. He's good enough on a bad day, so don't make it a bad day, make it a good day, you understand? Thank you, gentlemen. good day. Hello, william, how are you? good day, miss kenton. Good day, all. thank you very much. You're the one who sent that terrible email saying it was a good day to bury bad news on nine Good day, good day, good day, good day. But, you two, you have business to attend to. sal. ferdy. good day. All right. have a good day. day good