Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Mmhm. good job. now you give it to the man.", "Well, this is a good fucking laugh, ain't it?", "Do not take that tone with me, my good man.", "Hello. good morning.", "Hey kevin. good evening kevin."
Okay, that's not good! Like i said, i'm good with calculation. I don't feel good. you're a cop killer. Lau is holed up in there good and tight. This city just showed you... that it's full of people ready to believe in good. That's very good, mr. lau. "accidentally." very good. Good luck. Because sometimes... the truth isn't good enough. Ah, the "good cop, bad cop" routine? He wanted to prove that even someone as good as you... could fall. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I'd recommend a good travel agent. without it landing. Until they get a good look at the real harvey dent... and all the heroic things he's done. You have inspired good. but you spat in the faces of gotham's criminals. That's not good. I'm not aware of any participation... our boy looks good on the tube. They're only as good as the world allows them to be. i'll show you. ... it's a good bet harvey's prisoners are involved. Like this batman. we're hearing he's doing good, criminals are running scared. I'm good with calculation. i handled all their investments. If you're good at something, never do it for free. I was meant to inspire good... not madness, not death. Yeah, well, good thing about the mob is they keep giving you second chances. So why steal them? because he thought it was good sport. Okay. good night. Oh, yeah? yeah, you looked good. Good day. Very good. You've been a very good girl, nancy. Donny was a good bowler and a good man. No, it's the trick. it isn't good enough. You know... you're a good looking fellow, lars. He's a good boy. You did good, hombre. We know when they are bad or good. Good day, sir. yeah. You did real good. That's so good. Good night. Good night, parker. A jew's good. It's good to be with somebody that's excited about life. It'd take me a year to get good. six months. '90. how was it? good drugs? lots of pussy? Your rich cockroaches at the hotel, their money is no good to them anymore. Did someone have a good night last night? Good luck. keep your eye on the ball. Good night, sweet maiden of the golden ale. I believe his heart is a good one. Maybe l don't hear so good sometime. Good night, lads. Good. what can i do for you? Jlm: for not a fresh cup, this is a good cup of coffee. Don't destroy my good intentions. i already feel guilty... She's good. Good morning. i'm here to see mr. earle. Business is good at the hotel. it is very good. And put her in the hands of a murdering rapist i thought i'd put down for good. Good people. friends. Yes, sir. good afternoon. There's a good story behind this one uh, actually, mr. barish, i'll get a much better emotional readout... if you refrain from any sort of verbal description of the items. I hear you're a real good manager, doing good things for big willie. I can't help your future... but i can give you good memories to think back on and smile. Very good, dr. ashland. very good. That sounds good. Oh, good. when? Yes, doctor. good night. good night. Yeah? good. Good. get out of here, fatty. oh. Good, 'cause l like kids too. A mercury is a real good car. That's a good boy. good. I don't know. but it ain't good. Lt's good to see you. Yeah, you can count. all you slopes are supposed to be good at math, right? Good. come on. You know, you've been really good at leaving me alone my whole life. I've wanted to come here for so long. oh, good. Good luck finding a shrink in this town. Seriously, i can't believe how fucking good you were. Good to go on this end. Good. i hate long waits. Oh, man, that's good. Good morning, theodore. good morning. This is a good one. We are at level, sir. good. Very good! legolas! I don't know, samantha, i just don't think it's a good idea. No, well, no, fax is no good. I'm starved. looks so good. Lt makes me sleep good at night. that's what counts. Hey kevin. good evening kevin. Hello. good morning. Do not take that tone with me, my good man. Well, this is a good fucking laugh, ain't it? Mmhm. good job. now you give it to the man.