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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Well... there's this girl named second base stace."
I think you need to practice your boy/girl dating talk at home before you come out. Sweet girl. I always thought you were the most beautiful girl i ever seen. The bloke on the other end says, "we got this guy's little girl. You've been a very good girl, nancy. Is you? is you a boy or is you a girl, man? i can't tell. Alma! you wicked girl. you've started your treatments. But i'm just a fuckedup girl who's looking for my own peace of mind. Little girl seems to be coming along. Give this to my little girl. How's our girl? I would fuck that girl, if she was my sister. If what you say about this girl is true... bring her to me. He's... he would introduce mama as the girl he met in paris. Girl? boy? So, you know that girl that said, "i'm not working during the week "because i have to go do camp in cranford?" Girl? Would anyone care that they raped a mexican girl... . What happened to the girl? they blinded her too? Bring that little tight ass over here. come here, girl. don't be shy. Go, girl. you go fuck those cops up. Can't get a girl. no chance of a ride. Virginia, you're a lucky little girl. This is the girl. Don't be a monster, howard. tell the girl. Carpe diem. hey little girl You always were a good girl. Han told me about the girl. Where's my little girl? He gonna stick his tongue out to that girl. Quiet, girl. It's not a recommendation. this is the girl. That new girl is kinda cute, huh? Look, you seem like a nice girl. You never get tired of putting me down and i never know when i come around what i'm gonna find don't let them make up your mind don't you know, girl That girl? Thanks for saving our little girl. A boy or girl? I'm just a fuckedup girl who's looking for my own peace of mind. Clever girl. and so pretty, so pretty. Oh come on, girl. we're gettin' outta here. we gotta walk now. The girl that he was on the run with. The one where the girl asks the guy? Cool girl is game. I still love springsteen. "jersey girl." What do you got? dead girl. And did you know, as a girl growing up, that one day you'd be a maid? What girl? Shut your filthy mouth. i'm not that kind of girl. Say little girl now how's about a kiss Oh, τoby's that little chinese girl. You think you would be happy with a nice midwestern girl? That the girl was all we needed. Yeah, yum yum, yeah. nice girl. nice girl. a very charming girl. That's this guy's girl. Your girl is a hell of a tango dancer. I heard him talking about something he did to a girl last year. Looking for a girl, sally? Don't forget me. i'm the girl that's going to play this part. What's this? dead girl two. She is such a sweet girl. Let the girl go. You're bellatrix lestrange, not some dewyeyed school girl. Am i your girl? Oh, mary, no. it's you're a wonderful girl. Lonnie's girl gets another win... lonnie might let sally's lightweight fight joey adagio for the title. Hello. girl I've already got one girl. Yeah say little girl how's about a kiss The girl i've heard so much about. Okay, i dare you to kiss the prettiest girl in the room... on the lips. And notice i charitably said "girl" and not "person"... because, let's face it, i'd smoke all you bitches. Follow the girl and get that droid. Remember that girl i introduced you to, lorraine? That little girl? Honestly, would you fuck that girl? Nick loved a girl i was pretending to be. Was it meryl, that girl that was with me? we're not... You'll find a trainer in this gym or somewhere else... that's gonna wanna train a girl. Hey, girl. come on, lucky, let's go. Tell me where the girl is or i swear to you i'm gonna french fry this little freak. You be good, you sweet girl. Amy is the kind of girl who attracts admirers. When you see the girl that was shown to you earlier today, you will say: "this is the girl". What about you, girl? He probably calls every girl that. no way. I was a little girl named joy. ... tell me where my little girl is. Damn, girl, don't you have fun? is that important? She is a great girl, but... agnes's last boyfriend was a british formula two driver who has a reputation for two things. You give my sweet girl a chance. You don't have the fucking girl, dipshit. You don't forget a girl like that in here. No! a human girl? homo sapien. I found a girl that i really like and i've been emailing with her. There was a beautiful girl in that class. What you doing hiding out here, girl? They've sent a new girl who, i'm afraid, is a little older than usual. Come on, girl. come on up here, girl. Well... there's this girl named second base stace.