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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "You ain't gonna talk to me the way you did dixon.", "May i help you with your bags, mr. and mrs. dixon?", "Mr. roughandready, ken dixon stepping in for the yanks. biff?"
Old man dixon was a very cruel fellow. Hello? it's dixon. L went in the house... and l hit jesse dixon upside the head with it... knocked him off my mother. Hey, dixon, it's cedric. Dixon, you goddamn asshole. Mr. dixon! L killed my mother and an old boy named jesse dixon. Dixon residence. Carole richardson was seventeen when she went to jail, mr. dixon. Now here are the facts of this case: inspector dixon, a decorated officer of great expertise, acting on reliable information... I came all the way from dixon. L seen jesse dixon laying on top of her. Do you know who this is, mr. dixon? What? dixon! I later spoke to commander robert dixon... x's up. of the antiterrorist squad about those arrests. Don't call me an idiot, dixon! He wasn't in the country, dixon. he ain't our guy. I have one question to ask you, mr. dixon. My daddy... worked at the sawmill, down at the planer mill... for an old man named dixon. Sorry. is there a problem, mr. dixon? What happened to your hand, officer dixon? And, by god, you got your blood, mr. dixon! Is this your family, mr. dixon? I didn't instigate shit, dixon. I hope you burn in hell, dixon. silence! You did good, dixon. My first witness is inspector robert dixon. Hey, dixon? yeah? Hey, dixon? What's with the new attitude, dixon? Well, before you do that, officer dixon, how about you have a look at that first billboard over there? No, what do they do to faggots down in cuba, dixon? Ain't it about time you got home to your momma, dixon? And that dixon boy. Inspector dixon admits there are scores of inconsistencies in the confessions. Yes. i'll see you again, mr. dixon. My lord, this alibi for gerry conlon... was taken by mr. dixon one month after gerry conlon was arrested. Mr. dixon, you may stand down. What? don't say "what", dixon, when she comes in calling you a fuckhead. Mr. dixon! excuse me. mr. dixon! I'm not sure if they do kill faggots down in cuba, dixon. Dr. dixon went and paid that farmer double for two of those acres. Dixon? yeah? That dixon guy threw that welby guy out of his window this morning. So how's it all going in the niggertorturing business, dixon? Mr. dixon, do you know these young people... known as the guildford four? They told you they did it, mr. dixon. But old man dixon... he had a boy... name of jesse dixon. Let me refresh your memory. you told inspector dixon... On main street, red? thought you only took out black dudes, dixon. As dixon lands these brutal shots. Target practice for dixon. Lloyd dixon. Rocky shoves dixon back. My daughter paula went to jefferson. paula dixon? He drives dixon into the ropes with a series of shots. The brainchild of mason dixon, to honour past heavyweight champions. What do you think? dixon is a victim of his own dominance. Back comes dixon with brutal lefthand shots. dixon hurt his hand! Billy dixon. Dixon wins all the way. Hi, mr. dixon. Now dixon is done. he is reeling. Mason dixon has never taken this kind of punishment in his entire career. Maybe this angry reaction will pressure dixon to fight someone who can fight back if there's somebody out there. Paula dixon... Mike dixon, please. A wakeup call for dixon. Paula dixon? Dixon has fought cream puffs, so we don't know what he's made of. The dixon was ready to fire. You remember billy dixon? probably not. Another quick knockout for mason dixon, almost perfunctory. We got him. imagine if dixon met this bastard in his prime. Dixon establishing his presence in the ring, and suddenly now a conversation breaking out at the ringside. Skip, how do you think balboa would do against dixon? Yes. dixon. More pinpoint jabs by dixon. Dixon fires back his own hooks. rocky's stunned. I'm frank dixon, director of customs and border protection here at jfk. They're exchanging right hooks. here comes dixon! And dixon is out on his feet! Now here comes mason dixon. Dixon? Derek? mike dixon. yeah, derek. derek hull. Dixon landed an incredible fifty nine out of sixty nine You look at mason dixon and his career, he's been spoonfed his opponents. Mike tyson calling out mason "the line" dixon. Dixon unloads on balboa. rocky has no answer. We have the promotional contract for mason dixon who's a big fan, by the way. Hey, dixon, i saw your wife on television, too. Mrs. dixon has been taking the nip bottles of liquor out of her minibar, and doesn't want to pay for it. Hey, you had a great season this year, mr. dixon. Mrs. dixon? is there a problem with her room? Hey, ken dixon, man. Ken dixon driving one out of here, a grandslam home run and the yankees lead it four to one. Mr. roughandready, ken dixon stepping in for the yanks. biff? May i help you with your bags, mr. and mrs. dixon? You ain't gonna talk to me the way you did dixon.