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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "I was director of cultural events at the haile selassie pavilion."
I was wrong, director. Cia director ezra kramer is under criminal investigation for authorizing the program, which in several cases may have even targeted us citizens. Director sanders! Director of the trade mart? former director. So, when the director called and it was suggested that we bring you on... Now we want to take you across and introduce you to a director... who's a head above the rest he's got a project that you would kill! Director, you're closer than any of our subs. This is out of line, director. The director... bob brooker? Director of operations ward abbott arranged it. Director? Director fury is no longer in command. Director fury, do you copy? Dr. albert hirsch, the alleged mastermind of program and cia deputy director noah vosen, the program's operational chief. No. director sanders! War isn't won by sentiment, director. He's the director of special projects at cyberdyne systems corporation. Bob brooker, the director and julie chadwick... now, our surprise guest is: linney james. I'm the director of nasa. This is mr. darby, whom you know and this is the director adam kesher... and his manager robert smith. The us attorney in washington declines to serve our subpoena... on allen dulles, charles cabell, cia director richard helms, any fbi agent. Yeah? gillo pontecorvo. he was the director. ltalian guy. Director kramer would like to see you. Sir, director fury is stalling. The director doesn't want her. Deputy director of the cia. He's director of security. would you come with me, please? Director fury, the council has made a decision. Director. This is the flight director. begin launch status check. The director of the museum of antiquities has sent a car for you. Director of mars missions for nasa. I'm the assistant director of enforcement for the ncaa. Then why don't you think of mao as a great director, making a movie with a cast of millions? Flight director is off. Speak to the director in private? My father was director of collections by the time he was fifty L just received a call from the director of the bayhill holiday tournament. I am otto preminger, the director. John wick three with the original director. You tell the director to call the white house. do your fucking job! I'll bet the president realized that you can't have voters asking why the second longestserving f. b. i. director got fired for doing his job. Does the director. do they know about this downstairs? To deputy director bowman. When has become now, director krennic. Oh, miguel manzano... director of the a. f. i... and a former director of interpol... in rome. I believe i owe you an apology, director krennic. Director wants to see a rollover. You do know what the job is? assisting the director? Can you believe the first director didn't want her? no. well, he does now. The director doesn't care about this stuff. I wouldn't ask, but i've never had a director who's a bigger pain in my ass than stanley kubrick. I'm dr. ziegler. i'm the director of the ghetto labor bureau. I'm posting this immediately. i'm curious, director. Who is this? mr. director, you have a very serious problem. What if somebody deals you bad stuff, or what if you take too much of something... what are you, the director of the inland valley chemical... no. Jessup is about to be appointed director of operations for the security council. I will forward it to the director of public prosecutions. Nicky khrushchev, funeral director. it suits you. Yes, and made himself director. Director... be advised, eighty one I am jeronimo ardevol, the director of the university of barcelona. Yeah, but i've already handed it over to another construction director. Captain rogers has information regarding the death of director fury. The important thing in island living is to be your own activities director. Director krennic, we are entering the scarif shield gate. I hear the new director isn't much fun. Director, the rebel fleet, it's amassing outside the shield. Director hunley, how delightful to see you here. C. charlesworth, apollo eleven flight director." Please join me in welcoming cia director, john deutch. He's a community outreach director in brooklyn. The word director come from dictator. rest my case. I've been the director for two years. Hello? oh, it's you, director. The great film director ridley scott said that the collaboration between a film editor and a director is like a marriage. Ivan? tell your construction director there's no need to speak to donal. I am sure if miss monroe needs any advice, she'll get it from her director. The director wants to know if there's any shred of truth in this accusation. I am the happiest director in the world right now. The only people you have in your story... is the former director of the cia, the current director of the cia and guess who... a bunch of cia officials. Thank you, irene. thank you, director. You were not summoned here to grovel, director krennic. Now, you're the director. get him under control. Oscarwinning director leo mccarey was in a bank, and he was trying to borrow some money for a picture. L'm assistant director of the maritime cetacean lnstitute. Gene kranz retired as director of flight operations just not long ago. The director sent this down. Luego se conî½irtiã² en director atlã©tico en la academia naval. I submitted an application for the church choir director and i never heard anything back. Neighborhood circulation director? yeah! Hub. director marshall from langley. Comrade director. oh, shit. Most unfortunate about the security breach on jedha, director krennic. When i'd known andr�, he'd been at the height ofhis career as a theater director. She's not a director, she's not a teacher! You mean keep valentine on, as managing director? Dustoff varnya is such a brilliant director. I was director of cultural events at the haile selassie pavilion.