Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Can you do this thing, danny?", "Danny, suck it the fuck up.", "Jesus, danny!", "Danny! kill him!", ""so, what do you think about that, danny collins? "stay true... " "to your music."
Did it hurt you, danny? Danny archer. maddy bowen. Beaut as the driven snow, that shit, danny. Go on. come on. i'm not feeling the love, danny. Cordell, it's danny. Come and play with us, danny. Wake up, danny, wake up." I think we should discuss danny. Hello, danny. Tia, huh, danny? Look around you, danny boy. It's just like pictures in a book, danny. All right, danny, kill it. Beg your pardon? doc. you called danny "doc" twice. I mean, maybe danny made a mistake. You went into the room danny said? to two hundred and thirty seven I missed you, danny. I dreamed that l... that i killed you and danny. I just have to tell you, danny. I'm quite sure there's nothing physically wrong with danny. I think you have some very definite ideas... about what should be done with danny. It seems the rebels have taken back the diamond fields, danny. Danny, you win. You and danny are going to love it. "danny, you're a young man! don't do it!" Mommy! danny, come here! How long have i known you, danny? I fucking warned you, danny. Danny, your time is up! Danny, did you get all that? let's go. So, danny... archer. Danny, stop it! All right, danny. Danny, i want you to come with me right now. show me your room. No. fucking danny, there are other ways to do this, okay? I'm going to try... to get danny down the sidewinder... in the snowcat today. Just take danny and run! I swear it. danny told me. Danny! everything's okay! Okay, danny, here's an update. Come on. danny, give me your hand. How do you like it, danny? Danny, mind what i say. And danny, it's the last time. You be careful, danny. Yeah, can you tell mr. simmons that danny archer called. right. She tried to strangle danny. Danny boy. colonel. Danny, i told you to go to bed, like your sister. Daddy! danny, go! go! Danny archer. this is maddy bowen. Danny can't wake up, mrs. torrance. Now, danny... when you were brushing your teeth... do you remember if you smelled anything funny... or saw any bright, flashing lights or anything at all strange? Can you tell her danny archer's looking for her? I love you, danny. Danny archer, national geographic. Hi, danny! I guess danny started talking to tony... about the time we put him in nursery school. ... i think we... have to get danny out of here. You folks mind if i give danny some ice cream while we wait? Danny, you're a pisser, man. well done. boys, we move out. Maybe it was about danny? Hello, danny. colonel. And danny had scattered some of his school papers all over the room... and my husband grabbed his arm to pull him away from them. Be the ball, danny. you're not being the ball, danny. I'm here as your friend, danny. not as your manager. You just told me danny doesn't want to sell at all. Danny, i'd like you to meet ginny miller, louden's aunt. That's fine. danny was walking through and spotted me. Amen. to danny! This fellow, danny aliband's brother. Terry. danny. There's always something going on, danny. Danny, believe me, it's not something you ever get used to. Danny, do you have any comment? Danny? Oh, danny, this isn't russia. Is this a position that would interest you, danny? But danny could really play. no, that's true. Danny, that piece of property i had for you has increased in value Here. sit down, danny. Danny? hi, mom. Yeah, with danny burke. Leo. you remember danny greene. Look, danny. Come home, danny. Watch this danny witwer, I saw danny. Well, what can we do for you, danny? Danny k. o. knocked guys out... and bobby bars spent half his life behind them. You were also very musical, like danny. God bless you, danny collins. back at ya. "so, what do you think about that, danny collins? "stay true... " "to your music. Danny! kill him! Jesus, danny! Danny, suck it the fuck up. Can you do this thing, danny?