Come on

Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Be the hat. come on, go.", "Come on...", "Hello? come on in.", "All right, boy. come on. come on, daisy. no, daisy!"
Come on. Come on, harvey. you're gotham's da. Ooh, you wanna play. come on. Come on, come on. aah! Medic to the holding tank. come on. get the door open. Give us the batman! come on! where is he? Come on, let's go! Come on. come on. i want you to do it, i want you to do it. come on! What? come on. Jesus. come on, get us out of here. let's go. Come on, hit me. come on, hit me! Come on. i want you to do it, i want you to do it. come on, hit me. Come on, come on. Cover up! come on, get off the fence! Come on, brendan. get out of there! Oh, come on, dr. jones. dr. jones. Come on, pete. take these fool things off. Come on. he don't want to. Hey, walter, come on, it's smokey. Come on. let's go. Yeah, come on, man. Come on. let's keep a little optimism here. Come on, jack. it's late. Come on out. she wants to talk to you. don't just sit there. Come on , get me out of here! Come on, guys. police up your dicks and let's get out of here. Okay, hand me my notes. come on! Right after ole miss won the sugar bowl. come on. you try it on. Come on. watch this. You wanna come on in? Come on. back up. Come on, choppie. kiss my ass, choppie. Nina, come on. i'm just playing around. We'll get our horses and come on over there. Stop it, come on! act your age. Come on around. keep moving, keep moving. Come on, let's go! one. Come on, you're all right! Cover up! come on, dog! cover up, damn it! Come on, mr. johnston, no contest? Now, come on. i'm makin' a stew. All right. come on. i don't want you minding these people out here. Come on, dad. move! Right. come on. come on. Come on, man. Come on, move along. move along. come on, you. Cobb, come on. we've gotta try this. go for it. Come on , now, macready. Waterloo, i was defeated, you won the war come on. Back here. come on! Good. come on. Come on. did you fall in love last night and you went off somewhere? Come see for yourselves. come on. Come on, make a decision! Come on, man. lt's important. No. come on sarah. What kind of life is that? come on. I'll get some ammo. come on. All right, come on. i think we're safe. Let's go! come on, let's go. Come on, get to bed. now? Come on. all right. same as last time, remember? Come on! Come on, lachance, give me the gun. Come on in. Come on, this way. Come on. pack it in. what are you doing? Come on, gardner, hang in there! you're gonna make it. Come on in. we're celebrating. Come on, it's just a drink. no. All right? all right. come on. come on. Come on, the kid would have changed his name by now. That's it! i'm outta here. come on, dude. Come on. it really says that? Follow me. come on. Push. come on. You, clean this up. yes, sir. come on. Now, come on, tony. don't be silly. No... come on you know what i'm talking about. Hey, puppy! come on! that's good. Come on, who's a tough guy? l'm a tough guy. Give me your hand! come on. Come on, stick it. stick it, ghoul. Come on, clay. i'm sorry. Well, i can't discuss that with you either. come on, guys. Come on now, alice. Come on, man. snorting? Unbelievable! come on! Yeah, come on. All right, boy. come on. come on, daisy. no, daisy! Hello? come on in. Come on... Be the hat. come on, go. on come