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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "In the morning, i have to call my board.", "Mr. clerk, please call my name.", "I'm trying to call my wife.", "Call my office. tell them i'm going to", "I have to call my manager."
L wanna call my lawyer. You wanna waste my time? okay. l call my lawyer. Call my mother. Carl, when do i get to call my father? All i wanna do is call my people and get 'em to bring us in. Call my lawyer for any further communication. Just call my husband. just call my husband. Write this number down so you can call my secretary, janice. You call my dad a loony again and i'll kill you. You have to remember to let me call my father when we land. I can call my dad... When i feel that way, i... usually call my mom to tell her how much i love her. That kid is halfway around the world, crawling through the damn jungle, fighting the communists, so... please, don't come to my home and call my boy a criminal... Get out... get out before i call my dad. Did you call my friends and ask them what i like? Commander? sir, you didn't call my name. kirk, james t. He didn't call my name. We have to reschedule. call my office, ok? i'm sorry. Get out! get out before i call my dad... Yeah. they went to call my grandma for christmas. If michael was sending, messages were left at work... for me to call my nonexistent girlfriend, "gloria". Tuesday, eighteen pm yeah, this is a tf agent doug carlin returning your call my cell number is five billion, forty five million, five hundred and fifty thousand, one hundred and thirty Somebody should call my wife. Maybe i should call my mom. I'm gonna have to call my husband. In what i call my first lifetime, i aged to about thirty five what you see. I got to call my wife. "early midlife, hanging by a thread... i can't be alone, i'll call my longsuffering assistant" syndrome. I just need to call my job so i don't get fired over this. I call my trick "the jaws of death. " But then i hear it call my name the trouble with love is it can tear you up inside make your heart believe a lie I need to call my editor. Maybe you should call my uncle. If i don't make it out of this alive, will you please promise that you'll call my family? Yeah i gotta call my fucking gal Joanna's gonna call my name in a second. Let me go or i'll call my mommy. I had to call my nine grandson just to find out what a usb connector was. I'm gonna call my brother. Did you call my psychopharmacologist? did you call him? Think maybe he could call my son and tell him that i tried? Hey, call my mom. Did anybody call my uncle? To the liddell family... whom i'm fortunate enough to call my friends. I will walk into town to call my henry. She'll call my parents. Yeah, what do you say now, doc? somebody call my wife. Uh... do you think i should call my mom to tell her about dad? I'll call my secretary. Call my uncle and tell him to get my brief down the nick, all right? The institute of supply management also reported a rise in prices... i'm gonna call my mom. I'd better call my housekeeper. I need to call my embassy. I need to call my mom. And they call my job "unskilled". I'll clean this up just as soon as i call my sister... to come get the girls. I'm gonna buy a paper doll that i can call my own... I have to call my daughter, and i'd like to call my agent in new york and let her know i'm still breathing. So i call my boy, caliph. You call my job boring. "c"? Oh, i better call my mother. And call my family. i'd like them to have dinner with me tonight. You mean to tell me that i cannot pick up this telephone and call my family? Say, "i want to call my dad, mom. What'd you do, call my house? huh? Well, i'll need to use your phone then to call my family and tell them that i'm safe here and make sure they're okay. J' call my name now. L need you to call my dad. I have to call my father. Who's gonna take care of you? i'll call my mother. I need to call my lawyer now. Call my office. talk to cindy. I'm going to call my bear winnie. Can... can you call my father? I would call my dad. You can call my agency, united talent, send your resume to united talent agency, to david krammer... So do a little something like call my name see your soon, jack show me love i'll do the same I gotta call my mama. Call my chiropractor. I tried to call my stepmother in london, but she was out. Listen, if you don't stop, i'll call my mother... and she'll kick you out. Wait, listen. call my dad. Come on in. i'll call my guy and we'll set it up. I gotta call my lawyer. What, did you call my house? I want to call my lawyer. Look, please don't call my wife. Do you want me to call my mom? Don't call my kids mistakes! don't! They're gonna call my cell. That was no parent phone call, my friend. I think maybe you better call my lawyer okay... ? You can call me. when i have to call my lawyer, they bring me a telephone. All right, i'm gonna call my mother real quick. I have to call my manager. Call my office. tell them i'm going to I'm trying to call my wife. Mr. clerk, please call my name. In the morning, i have to call my board. my call