Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Dr. railly, jim halperin, philly p. d. sorry to call you so early this mornin'.", "Peter, you have call.", "Donnie, call me back, alright.", "Okay, so what do you call yourself? como se llama?"
I want my phone call. All right. so, listen, why don't you give me a call... I think, mr. fox, a simple phone call might have sufficed. What's wrong with a phone call? Call it in. Call in every officer. I'll call them off for ten minutes, and you'll have to move fast. Call the transit authority, school board, prisons. Why do they call him the joker? You have patient lists, roll call. I know why they call him the joker. I just want my phone call. Hurry up! somebody call nine hundred and eleven help him! You know i'm gonna call you all the time. Call. I was sent by my superior, we'll call him "y"... i was sent by general y to the south pole... as military escort for a group of international vips. They said, "you call your cops, and we're gonna shoot... " of course they're gonna say that. I didn't call you a mongoloid. You might call it far, perhaps. I'll call the loan officer... tell him we have a little problem. We'll call it "fresh lobster in a cassava and tipali crust." Eyes on everything. call out patterns and strays. God. is that what they call him? I want to call upon the nation... to make that a day of prayer and fasting. What does a baby computer call its father? Here's my number. call me, okay? You know, it's important that we call now. He's gonna call her! wait for me! They call him the spaniard, sire. No selfrespecting woman is gonna be at your beck and call, mister. Call your mother on mother's day. So i wanted to give you a call. The south? i call this nail northern aggression. There's the call. three minutes. Call me d. j. you said amy, right? listen. Want me to call? you know, they can steal your identity. Call center assistant from mumbai. Why don't you call her right now? You can see why hunt's fellow drivers call him "hunt the shunt". Either way, they'll call him a coward and i don't see how he can live with that. They call it a royale with cheese. And when it gets here, i'll give you a call, you come pick it up. Well, it's usually the case... when you get a call from someone you haven't heard from for a while. Yeah, so you have your man call me and we'll set the meet. L'm gonna call up morris and get the band together. I'll call you back later. Call it the hooverville. Call me tomorrow. i gotta think about it. yep. thank you. thanks. They said they'd call tomorrow with instructions, and it's gotta be delivered by me alone. If you are scotsmen... i'm ashamed to call myself one. Phone call from god. It's christmas eve, call me dudley. All right. call me when you get in. okay. They also call it a leisure activity. Okay, if i can't do that, can i just... can i give the guy a call? So be of good cheer and call me when you hit the last lock. 'please, call us when it's convenient.' Call it. no. Eight roger. possible crank call. Oh, i guess they call you cal, huh? no, actually, people call me marty. They would all cease to exist. i call that mercy. Just get along little dowgie and call me back. I'll call you when i get her. Brewer has the cashier call the police. Lf she call, just tell her l love her. okay? just tell her that. You want me to call for backup? Call him. Colonel, call off the artillery attack on hacksaw. I know, babe, but that's why you call it a budget. That's why we call ourselves survivors. Have you thought what we should call it? You know, l'll lay low and l'll call joe. I call him smedley. If i could make a phone call... We're sorry. your call cannot be completed as dialed. Why did fury call us in? why now? why not before? What are you gonna do when you run outta gas, call aaa? If we call him in now he might freeze up, we'll lose our best shot. What do you call a blind dinosaur's dog? You gotta call some people? They call this war a cloud over the land, but they made the weather, and then they stand in the rain and say "shit, it's rainin'!" I'm with the woonsocket call. They call it "groot." Call tojohn now. Is that what you call an uncomfortable silence? What did he call cold mountain? Oh, my lord, i'll call you back. L wanna call my lawyer. The operation mom! just call up dad and vinay. And what type of call center would that be? Final call for oakland, wood river junction and four corners leaving from track two I wondered why he hadn't tried to call in case i might answer. Who did i call? don't lie to me! You wanna waste my time? okay. l call my lawyer. That was what they used to call me. Okay, so what do you call yourself? como se llama? Donnie, call me back, alright. Peter, you have call. Dr. railly, jim halperin, philly p. d. sorry to call you so early this mornin'.