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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "And your actress buddy?", "Tushman asked me to be his welcome buddy and now he just follows me around everywhere."
Hey, buddy, what's happening? Yeah. this guy's smaller than his buddy. Thanks, buddy. Can't help him, buddy, he's gone. Well, that's okay. he's a buddy of the guy you vouched for, Come on, han, old buddy. Come on, buddy. come on, here. Oh, lord! xin loi, buddy. Me too. come here buddy. Buddy? hello? And don't catch any "z"s on me, buddy, or i'll sling your sorry ass. Wee willie winkie, that's a buddy of yours. Hang in there, buddy. i'm sorry i squeezed your arm. "here, buddy. go get that ball." L'm just kidding you. welcome to our humble home, buddy. Hold this! hey there, buddy! We gotta get out of here, buddy. Hi. buddy, nice to meet you. That's not a way to treat your wife, buddy. You know your weapons, buddy. Let's go, buddy. let's go. Yes! see you later, buddy! All right buddy, i can't wait to meet her. All right, old buddy. What's going on, buddy? Their hearts were still with their old fbi buddy banister. And there's his old buddy miguel torres. I mean, even on my way there... i'm in the car, and a buddy of mine is driving me downtown, and i'm staring at the window... and i think i see you. All right, shit, then, buddy. get him up. Han, old buddy, do you read me? Teddy, your buddy. prove it. Yeah, well, he had a buddy there. (baer) hey, buddy... gets a shot in to the head. Jesus christ, what are we gonna do when we get to switzerland, buddy. You know, i once had this buddy... named mabhoko. You got the fresh meat, buddy. So jack, anything you recognize, buddy? That's okay, buddy. Yeah. all right, buddy. hold on. Patrick, let's focus, buddy. So what does that make me, your buddy? Hey, buddy. i'm right here. right here. Vaughan, l was just going on with you. just joking around. you know, buddy. Wake up, buddy! "will do, buddy." Hey, buddy. are you lost? come here. I'm sorry, buddy. The other thing l say is... your buddy karl is going. And he's still looking at me, nodding his head, you know, "l know, buddy. l know. l know." What is it now, buddy? South of france, buddy. fancy hotel. you'll love it. It's a work day. come on, buddy. come on. ... or whatever. that scares the shit out of me, buddy. Come on, buddy, come on. let's go. Hey, buddy. did you just see a real bright light? Hey, buddy. You know what? if you're happy, god bless you, buddy. It's been a night mare buddy, i tell you the truth. I guess the little guy sat in there waiting for his buddy to come back. Bb8, my buddy. Hi, i'm buddy. what can i get you? Just like being in a buddy movie. Hey there, buddy. Freeze! drop the fuckin' gun, buddy! That's just not gonna happen anytime soon, buddy. Hey, buddy. what are you doing out here? Hey, george, buddy. It's fuck your buddy. Well, i'm sorry to hear that, buddy. Rest easy, good buddy, you're doing fine. It's all right, buddy. we're going to get you home. Lars, it's your day for coffee, buddy. No way i was gonna use my gun on you. buddy. I owe you one, buddy. C'mon, buddy, what's your problem? He your best buddy? he hates me. Come on, buddy. case western high! It's okay, buddy, hold it together. See you. okay, buddy, love you. Get out here, buddy. I got it, buddy. i got it. Hey, buddy. we're full. Is this your buddy? is this your friend? So i'm sorry, buddy, but i gotta ask ya, what the hell do you know? You're okay, eric. you're okay, buddy. Braddock? isn't that your buddy? Okay, buddy. all right, yes. But i fooled 'em, old buddy. That stupid fucking uniform, huh, buddy? "we missed you last night, buddy. Donnie, this isn't funny, untie me, buddy. What's the name of your buddy down there? what's the name? Please, your little friend here, brad, your little buddy, he's in jail. I love you buddy. you know i do it for you right. I don't think buddy holly's much of a waiter. Good night, buddy. Okay, buddy. Hey, buddy. you got a dead cat in there, or what? Tushman asked me to be his welcome buddy and now he just follows me around everywhere. And your actress buddy?