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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Could be captain leavenworth's boys."
Go and get these boys some more beer. thirsty, boy? you like beer? Boys, girls. ten of them get off the bus to l. a. everyday. Boys you must strive to find your own voice. Because you see gentlemen these boys are now fertilizing daffodils. Boys said they didn't get any. I don't know what we're doing here, boys. What the fuck are you boys on, eh? spud, you've already been to jail. Which got me thinking, father, that whole type of situation is kinda like you church boys, ain't it? Now, boys and girls, i'm going to give you an assignment. Let's go. sorry, boys. Kamakrazee war boys! Shh boys. You got ten minutes now, boys. The boys found this... on the floor in back of the caddy. Twenty eight dollars seven million in gross commissions, all from pink sheets stock boys! Why? our boys intercepted this on its way to moscow. Fyi boys, danielle’s promised to use this ten thousand dollars for breast implants! (bond on radio) the boys go after each other immediately. All the boys say i'm ugly. (mae) why don't you go play with the boys, sweetheart? Nice going, boys. you're playing yesterday's tape. I want you to hand these out to the boys one apiece. When i picked you up on terra... "picked me up."... these boys of mine wanted to eat you. Good. looks like me and vincent caught you boys at breakfast. You see what society does? boy. little boys, it's: The prosecution doesn't want you to hear about the other altar boys who have mysteriously disappeared. I'm pinned, boys! Oh, no! it's oi' blue! oh, no! cheese it, boys! You know how boys are. He encouraged it. altar boys, staff, everyone was in there. Then l seen them boys bearing down on me. (joe) yeah, boys, get some pictures here! come on! Me and the barnett twins and some boys... play at the junior high school field all the time. I'll just check with the boys down at the crime lab. He had this really odd rationalization for it, like it was totally normal to fool around with little boys. Right now, we're gonna have a brief photo session while we have the boys here with his excellency. Are you boys giving me the runaround? L know you don't like using the boys on these jobs... but vic here, l mean, he's only been nothing but good luck for us. Don't panic, boys. the water's not too rough or too cold. "boys, inform on your classmates, save your hide, "anything short of that, we're gonna burn you at the stake?" Come on, boys! All right, best shut ourselves inside, boys. Loads of boys from our church are going. Let's go get 'em, boys! That'll be a good day, when our boys get home. Why have you been fighting with the other boys again, baby? Boys, you're both gonna get what i promised. I'm not saying they've had anything to do with the dalton boy's outburst but i don't think i have to warn you boys his age are very impressionable. Me and the boys are going to the county line. we're out of liquor. And i salute... my halflife war boys... who will ride with me eternal... on the highways of valhalla. Like i told the washington boys... bertrand asked me that summer to help the kid upgrade his marine discharge. But you admit to molesting boys at st. john the baptist? Captain, three men can't hold off a party of ree, much less some boys. Okay, boys. haul that on in here. move your tails. Little boys... sucking on their peckers, et cetera and so forth... Who were those boys? Have fun, boys. He's one of the other altar boys. And our horses will not be toys and i wonder if we'll remember when we were two little boys All right boys let's settle down. The chocolate snowman eats little boys. And the bluegrass boys. k5. Just here to give our boys a proper sendoff. Ciao, boys! Let's go, it's bath time, boys! it's bath time! All right, boys. get in a circle. bow your heads. ... hardworking boys that was foolish. Ladies and gentlemen boys... the light of knowledge. I hope santa hasn't had to pass up this house... just because some boys weren't in bed when he came by. Frank taylor, pan am. thanks for giving me a lift, boys. We've got 'em now, boys. These boys appear to be managerial. The local boys put us together. I've spent entirely too much of my life worried about what you think of me or what my parents think of me or the boys in hut eight or the girls in hut three Please, let me get you some beers. you and your boys. Once there was a boy, very different from all the other boys. You bank boys gotta come down a bit. no way. Father geoghan has a history of homosexual involvement with young boys. It's like we boys never existed. Boys, this here is english bob. Get that, boys? Keep moving down, boys. Little bill come out of kansas and texas, boys. (announcer) the referee pulls the boys apart. You and your brother. my two boys. When i picked you up as a kid, these boys wanted to eat you. Germany has declared war on the jones boys. I'm busy. why don't you ask your boys in homicide? They're boys and they're lndian. Well, boys, who knows when we'll all meet again, but if one day... hold it. Good job, boys, great stuff. You wasn't planning on taking the body from us, was you, boys? The boys... we're going to get some lunch. Go get them whores that pumped these boys that night. Sorry to spoil things, boys, but bane wants these guys to himself. All right, boys, keep tight now. You boys talk. And the jungle fire was burning down the tracks came a hobo hiking and he said "boys, i'm not turning "i'm headed for a land that's far away Could be captain leavenworth's boys.