Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Bob! thank you so much.", "No, bob, get away from that.", "Ace fireballer bob feller has traded cleveland gray for navy blue.", "Eight? eight, bob."
I was in the blue bottle saloon in wichita... the night english bob killed corky corcoran. Don't make me kill you. doin' fine, bob. That's why there's so few dangerous men around like bob. But, now bob was no coward. O' that's just great, bob, and what do you want me to do? send one of my guys out to get zapped Got yourself a prob, bob? leave me alone. Uncle bob, huh? okay. Hello, bob. Bob? o'neill, man, you worry too much. Like your friend, english bob. Might be that this dude is english bob. I'd like to speak to you, bob. yeah, what is it? Hey, bob, come on. you can talk to me, for christ's sake. You got a great attitude, bob. I can relate to that, old bob. How did bob taylor get those clothes? That's what bob said. I'll have that . thirty two bob. That you here, bob, on the cover? "uncle bob"? Bob and i get on with our fond farewells to each other. Not a prob, bob. where'd they send you? You know, i have the prettiest wife a man could wish for... bob johnson, boston globe. How'd it go there, bob? Bob. Boys, this here is english bob. Only insulting he did was stick it into a french lady bob was sweet on. Bob, don't! put the gun down! No, sir, ol' bob. Like you said, bob water under the bridge. Hey, bob, come on, i never asked you for a fucking thing over here. Just shoot me... and you and bob can ride on out of here free as birds. When corky walked into the blue bottle and before he knew what's what... bob takes a shot at him! The director... bob brooker? I'm afraid so, bob. So i finally got hold of bob. Sure, bob. we'll just wait. It's the bossman bob cormier. Heck, bob, Hey, bob, you do the job? Yeah, he's about as european as fuckin' english bob. i know that now. Bob, i'd like to speak to you a minute. Bob elcorona, line two. And our celebrity contestant from klam in portland... the bossman himself, bob cormier! You sure fucked up, bob. You english bob? Meantime, bob here... aims real good and squeezes off another... but he misses, he's still so drunk! Call bob brody and get someone down here. What do you say there, bob? Actually, then, mr. corcoran was faster on the draw than the duck than english bob? Bob brooker, the director and julie chadwick... now, our surprise guest is: linney james. Bob brody in san francisco? English bob killed him when he didn't even have... bob wasn't going to wait for corky to grow a new hand. Sure you do, bob. you know what you want. Uncle bob, this is enrique. Bob, did you get him stoned? Is it true you arrested bob mitchum? Bob, i got elias' r&r. He's... uncle bob. I heard that one myself, bob. Bob? They look like real hard cases, bob. Right, bob? Can i get you a drink, bob? thank you. Bob, do you have anything you wish to say... something to betty before we begin? Bob. bob, put the gun down! bob. bob, no! And when she drink against her lips i bob... and on her withered dewlap pour the ale. Bossman bob cormier took one look at bill travis and barfed on wiggins. You can't hide from them, bob. So, what do you think there, bob? gonna be an investigation or what? Let go of my coat, bob. I guess you know, bob... that if i see you again i'll just shoot in selfdefense. He would've killed old bob. My name's not bob. How long has this bob taylor been working... on this map? Bob, i got a bad feeling on this one, all right? Him who? bob? yes, bob! who else am i talking about? Hey! bob. Bob, how would you feel about you and me having a little talk? I said now, silent bob! when, lord? This is bob pender from state o. s. he's been talking to morgan at extaff. Okay. larry, bob. thanks for visiting the garden state. Bob cratchit? She wasn't lookin' for that guy anymore, she was lookin' for me, for the bob. Bob, if this is really an emergency, go to the emergency room. Okay, bob, bob, listen to me. All right, i'll apologize to bob. Hand it over, silent bob. Cigarette, bob? I don't want bob for dinner, fay. Bob? can i... can i go now? You okay, bob? look at his cat! Dr. marvin, bob wiley. This is bob hauk. I have no idea what you're talking about, bob. Eight? eight, bob. Ace fireballer bob feller has traded cleveland gray for navy blue. No, bob, get away from that. Bob! thank you so much.