Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Ben whittaker.", "How are you? wow. ben, how are you?", "Thanks. boy, i can't wait to tell eric and ben about this.", "Ben hildebrand.", "Ben? yeah.", "How you doing? ben jessup."
Ben rubino. mike cessacchio. Ben! Ben. dagobah. And i swore off dairy, but then ben & jerry's named a flavor after me. Robby. oh, well, thanks, ben. Should we take it up to ben? But i do know that ben needs an answer on the crime numbers story. Not much time. ben. Wait, ben. i forgot to ask you. Loch loch big... loch ben. I'll call ben. good work. Ben, i'm gonna need more people on massport. I can be a jedi. ben, tell him i'm... Then let's take it to ben, let him decide. My nose looks like big fucking ben. We report to ben bradlee jr., and we keep our work confidential. Ben. ben, please. Eventually ben married her, which was... pretty amazing considering she blew every single guy in the office. I think there's something there, ben. I think saviano might be legit, ben. Yeah. should have given it to ben. I can't do it, ben. Actually the madness started on our very first day, when one of our brokers, ben jenner, christened the elevator by getting a blowjob from a sales assistant. Ah, kilts, castles, uh, haggis, uh, ben nevis. We'll take it to ben when i say it's time. Ben? I'm not giving you nothin'! ben friedkin? Ben and steve think it's a dead end. Ben, thank you. will you assist my daughter? And legal ethics aside, ben, i mean, operating the way macleish has all but guarantees that the abuse stays under wraps. Ben. Yeah, ben emailed me. Ben likes it. yeah, it's not bad. Loch big ben. next door to sean connery's flat. Ben and i are on the noon flight to boston. I know we need to get this out, ben, but i'd like to spend a minute... going through what we've got on rolling thunder. Is ben gonna come? Ben, i told you, this is the day. Hey, ben, what'd you get? looks like i'm gonna be a personal intern. Jesus christ, ben, that leak didn't come from us. You know ben? yeah, from school. Ben, how you doing? all right, coach. you? Ben, you copy? All right. dude, i found him. ben boyd. Ben zion, there! Ben rickert. hey, ben. it's jamie. So i'll be on the call. all right, ben. Sure i do, ben. No. ben and mr. beebe are at real loggerheads. Uh, you are ben affleck's brother. It's a sign, ben. oh, i'm pretty sure it's not. I'm sorry. i'm sorry. i'm sorry about ben. Kill him, ben! Now, ben heard they were looking for woodward's research. Hey, ben. how's it going? My name is ben. Ben. jules, what are we doing here? I gotta ask my mom. come on, ben. That's nice talk, ben. keep drinking. Ben, you mean more to me than anyone in the whole world. Remember ben? ben steimer? Bobby was at cao ben. what's cao ben? You know, ben, as much as i do relish a good investigative assignment... bob mcnamara is an old friend. Ben. how's it going? Rocky, what's happening? hey, ben. Ben samuels? Ben. ben, you there? My cousin ben runs the supply and resources outpost for the hullabaloo. Eighty is great, ben. okay. I've seen this raw strength only once before, in ben solo. Ben, you've gotta say it. How 'bout a noose to hang yourself? what's the matter, ben? Ben? yeah? Look, ben... i don't really know anything about you or where you came from... but you keep showing up. You are so stupid, ben! rocky. "what ben and i have created here" "may be unique in all of human existence." You'll stay with aunt may... and uncle ben for a little while. Ben waterman wears the same gold tie on fridays. I don't... i don't have an order for a ben thomas. Long day for you, ben? Did you get a chance to look at what we sent you, ben? To ask questions which one, which one no doubt inadequately tries to ben, we're waiting. Ben, sweetheart, honestly... i am completely capable of walking home you will not defend this boy! Lost ben solo, you did. I want to say, ben the bulldog. Ben. something big going on in there? So, you and ben and this little fbi girl formed your own posse to go solve it all, i hear. Ben, come on. Ben, is she listening? Hey, ben. can you please not do that at the table? Who was it, fucking ben hur? who's ben hur? come on, cliff! Ben, no! How you doing? ben jessup. Ben? yeah. Ben hildebrand. Thanks. boy, i can't wait to tell eric and ben about this. How are you? wow. ben, how are you? Ben whittaker.