Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Thank you, choir. that was beautiful.", "I was here last night... and i parked my car next to a very beautiful one thousand, nine hundred and sixty four aston martin."
Beautiful, isn't it? Well, hello, beautiful. Beautiful. And you are beautiful. You have to see how beautiful is the winter there. I always thought you were the most beautiful girl i ever seen. It's beautiful. you look at a baby, and it's so pure It's beautiful goldie. it's just like i promised, only better. Is it really tight? no, no. it's beautiful. You're beautiful. You're so beautiful. That's beautiful, man. that's like poetry. At the vfw. doesn't she look beautiful? That's a beautiful necklace. reminds me of one that belonged to my mother. That man. that beautiful man... You know, i have three beautiful, healthy, troublemaking kids. It's a beautiful day. let's... She got me a beautiful notebook. It's very beautiful. well, you put us all to shame. It's beautiful. They had two beautiful little girls. She's a beautiful woman with a winning sense of humor... and a magical smile. Doc, she's beautiful. she's crazy about me. Scissors takedown. a beautiful scissors takedown. That's... that's beautiful. thank you. Oh, it's a beautiful fiddle. it's full of tunes. There was this beautiful sunset. She's a beautiful woman with a winning sense of humor... and a magical smile straight from brighton beach, brooklyn. Beautiful as always, nina. That was beautiful to watch, howard. like a surgeon Look, you had a beautiful friendship. She's fun and beautiful, so don't back out. That one right there in the pink. she's beautiful, man. She's more beautiful than she was last year. One thing he had was... this beautiful, young bride, sarah. You look beautiful. cut your hair? A beautiful face, all these guys in love with you. You are beautiful, man. She was beautiful and smart and kind. It's so beautiful. The ladies are the law here, beautiful and merciless. "what a truly beautiful wedding, and what a gorgeous bride. Yes, it is a beautiful city. Look at this beautiful room. And, you get the beautiful girls and everything. Lt's beautiful. She's beautiful. And it's another beautiful day in paradise, folks, but don't forget to buckle up out there in radioland. I can't believe it. thank you. thank you. it's beautiful. Well, she was beautiful, and... Look who's here. beautiful day, isn't it? And most of you met kimmie the beautiful sophisticated woman that she is today. You look absolutely beautiful. It’s beautiful. It's indescribably beautiful. it reminds me of the fourth of july! "and that i'm dying... "for something big... "and beautiful... Nice restaurant, beautiful woman, swear i feel like a human again. She needs to see how beautiful you are. It's a beautiful night. There was a beautiful girl in that class. What kind of moral rot... allows a beautiful, talented, kind, smart, loving mother... to vanish without the heavens hearing our outraged cries? Wow! look at you. you're all beautiful. Hey, you're beautiful. That was beautiful. What a beautiful laugh. It's beautiful. 'course, i'm an excellent driver. That's just beautiful. look at that. You see? you see? beautiful. She's bright, she's beautiful. she's kind. Now sing my beautiful songbird! I suppose i don't have to tell you how beautiful you look. And she was very beautiful, you know? And if i get everything right, the world will hate nick... for killing his beautiful, pregnant wife. Mm. oh, it's a beautiful egg. Not only am i very innocent and really beautiful princess, but i'm a lyric soprano singer with perfect pitch. Well, that's beautiful. Sometimes the most beautiful poetry can be about simple things like a cat or a flower or rain. They're great. no, no, beautiful. Huh? i said you're beautiful. The winner of the beautiful mink car coat is... charlotte phelan! Doesn't she look beautiful, truman? You you're kind, beautiful... He's beautiful. And i want you to trade punches with him, all right? you're doing beautiful. Goddamn beautiful, isn't she? Brilliant cut, beautiful make. You look even more beautiful than in person than on your profile. Hello, beautiful. is that you? Beautiful. breathe. Have a beautiful first date. I was here last night... and i parked my car next to a very beautiful one thousand, nine hundred and sixty four aston martin. Thank you, choir. that was beautiful.