Be safe

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Mmhm. you want to be safe?", "We would be safe with you. your mother?", "I just wanted you to be safe."
They'll have to stay here, but they'll be safe. They think they'll be safe with us. It's not gonna be safe when they're with us! I wanted you to be safe, all of you. You are hutu. you will be safe. Deckard only wanted his baby to be safe. I thought if i did what he asked, they'd be safe. Just a few seconds and she'll be safe. I knew gladys would be safe here. Be safe, score a hundred. Harry, be safe. As long as you're out there, we'll never be safe. The ring will be safe in rivendell. If they're not here, i'll lock him in here and he'll be safe for the night, but all i can do is take him to the pound in the morning. Sweetheart, i told you we'd be safe. Be safe! She'll be safe. Yeah, you go. be safe. But i need you to be safe... We'll be safe. we'll be safe. Just to be safe, i want everybody in the emergency bunker until mr. arnold returns, and the whole system's running again. After what you did, i couldn't let that happen... so i picked you up and carried you to the only place i knew you'd be safe: here, to my home. They think they'll be safe with us, sir. It's gonna be safe, because... i mean we'll have to batten down the hatches and we secured the deck we're looking a few, maybe a few broken dishes. You'll be safe, man. I need you to be safe! And the ring will be safe there? i don't know, frodo. She'll never be safe. It's your decision. i want you to be safe. And my teacher says it's a good war, because it's better to be safe than sorry. You'll be safe, now. and i'll be back. Head shots do the trick, but just to be safe we tend to burn them when we can. It will be safe. Be safe. Be safe, bruh. yup. He's gonna be safe. If you come, we'll never be safe. She'll be safe with me. thank you. Thought they'd be safe inside, but they forgot to lock the cellar. You'll be safe. You will be safe, okay? vasily, too. Remember, your principal loves you, and i want you to be safe. Better to be safe than sorry, right? Tomorrow, your wife and kids will be safe in munich. I'm sure they'll be safe. You just gotta promise me that my daughter's gonna be safe, okay? If i can't be safe around my own kind, who can i be safe around? ... just get past the police... then i might be safe. Perhaps they'll be safe in the rain. We can go to the lake country where no one will know... where we can be safe. Why wouldn't we be safe? You'll be safe there, Just... just next door hey, you’ll be safe daddy... daddy, there are things out there We miss you. be safe. we love you. You will be safe there. safe? We'll be safe here. I wanted him to be safe. I'm gonna take you somewhere you'll be safe. Don't worry, sid, it's school. you'll be safe here. You'll be safe where we're taking you. That could be safe territory. You'll be all right here. you'll be safe. To stay away from me, so i'd be safe. I want you to be safe. I think you'll all be safe here. Tomorrow you'll be safe. you'll be on the boat. ... till i get back. you'll be safe. Yeah, once we get to the bridge, we'll be safe. You'll be safe here. Will we be safe? yes. Be safe, and i'll talk to you soon. bye. I hate flying. i know you do. be safe. Don't worry, mr. bishop. she'll be safe. Be safe, ok? take care of yourself, all right? I thought we would be safe there. And i want your kids to be safe when you take them for a ride. Okay. be safe. You told me you told me i was gonna be safe with you. Love you. be safe. all right, talk to you later? Now, you stay back here, just to be safe. Where could you take them where they'd be safe? Good to be safe, huh? Just want to remind you to be safe. we missed the entrance. I just want your daddy to be safe. And you think chip would be safe with you? You have to be safe in the kitchen. You said we would be safe in philadelphia. well, i was wrong. I made her a solemn promise that you would be safe with me. You'll be safe at home, honey. It's been predisastered. we're going to be safe here. Yes. at a school for people like us... where we can be safe. She understands. 'cause he wants us to be safe. Just to be safe. I just wanted you to be safe. We would be safe with you. your mother? Mmhm. you want to be safe? safe be