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Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Yes. yeah, if you can call it that. what? yes. yes. yes. yes. it's my room.", "Yes. yeah, we're gonna go down there now and help out."
I mean... yes. yeah. Hello, eileen. yes. yeah. Yes. yeah. Salvatore? oh, yes. yeah, yeah. hello. Yes. yeah, but no oral sex, i promise you. Yes? yeah. Yes! yeah, we would love to see you. Oh, yes. yeah? Yes. yeah, we can. Yes, yes. yeah, i know. Yes. yeah, i do. Yes. yeah. yes. Yes? yeah, i'd like to see stanford white. Yes? yeah, it's me. I'll see you on tuesday. yes. yeah. So, you're trying to find this guy? yes. yeah. Oh yes! yeah yeah . Yes? yeah, i'm registered in this class. Do you understand that? yes. yeah. Can you understand what i'm saying to you? yes. yeah. Yes. yeah, hello, this is bo calling from the branding iron in austin, texas. Yes. yeah, we're all gods. The... oh, yes. yeah. yeah. Yes. yeah, he's great. cool guy. Yes. yeah, yeah, yeah. i, um... Yes. yeah, i heard it. Yes, yeah, i am corrupting you. Are you bleeding? yes. yeah. hey. Do you know what star wars is? yes. yeah. Yes. yeah, oh cool. I hope to be there, yes. yeah? Yes? yeah, lovely. Yes. yeah, that's huge. Yes. yeah, and i'm not pissing blood. Good. same time tomorrow, then. yes. yeah. Yes. yeah, there were bumps at first, but... Yes. yeah, they're very sweet, so it should be an easy one to start with. Absolutely, i did. yes. yeah. You have been in love, yes? yeah. Yes? yes. yeah. Oh, yes. yeah, i remember. Oh yes... yeah? Yeah, yes, yeah i'm good. What, you mean, the guy, the kid... dawson. cole? yes. yeah? Hey, you need anybody to work here? yes! yeah. Is everything okay? yes. yeah. Theoreticaiiy, yes. yeah. Yes. yeah, actually ever since college advertising was my work and my passion, and then i decided to try something different. Yes. yeah you do. You have enough material now to do a rewrite, yes? yeah. okay. So... yes? yeah, so that's like zero for the week. Yeah, yes. yeah. Yes! yeah! Sorry, you do know what happens if... yep. yes, yeah. Yes! yes! yeah! yeah? Thank you! yes. yeah. Yes! yeah, yeah, yeah! Oh, yes. yeah, we love that family. Yes. yeah, that qualifies as a little weird. Yes, yeah. all right. Again, everyone is making it sound so bad, but it's... technically, yes. yeah. Yes yeah, tell me what you see. Yes, yeah, yes, of course you would. Good. then we understand each other. yes. yeah. Okay. i love treasures. yes. yeah. Yes? yeah, something like that. Yeah. yes, yeah. Yes, yeah. I'll catch you next week, okay? yes, yes, yeah, yeah! Yes. yeah, baby, this pimp shit easy. Yes. yeah, i'm her daughter. Yes. yeah, i walked into a door. Oh, my god! yes! yeah? Yes! yeah, well, you're right. Yes. yeah, i'm sorry. So may i approach the bench? yes. yeah? okay. Yes. yeah, right. we've met before, yes. Yes. yeah, please have him call me back. Um, uh... just say yes. yeah. Uh, yes, yeah. later. Yes? yeah. what? Yeah. right, yes. yeah. right? yes! guys! kim! Yes? yeah? Do you ever get jealous? yes. yeah. You must be nat. yes. yeah. Do you like clothes? yes. yeah. Yes. yeah, i did. Yes. yeah, i thought so. Oh, my god, yes. yeah? Are you okay? yes, yeah, i'm okay. Yes. yeah, we're gonna go down there now and help out. Yes. yeah, if you can call it that. what? yes. yes. yes. yes. it's my room. yeah yes