Yes sir

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Yes, sir, i am.", "Yes or no? yes, sir."
Yes, sir. Yes, sir, right away. Rich. yes, sir. Yes, sir. yeah. Yes sir. Yes sir? Yes, sir. i did it myself. Yes, sir. yes, sir. Um... yes, sir. Yes, sir. has anyone else read it? Yes, sir. Again! yes, sir! Upham. yes, sir? You give them over, hear? yes, sir. Stevens? yes, sir. High school? yes, sir. Yes, sir. i understand. Yes, sir, i wanna learn. The whole place! yes, sir! Yes, sir. absolutely. Now! yes, sir! Yes, sir. ah. Yes, sir, i did. Pretending, private? well, yes, sir. Zero, you say? yes, sir. Yes, sir? Tripod. yes, sir. Yes, sir. good. Waiter? yes, sir. You are knowing how to keep secret? yes, sir. Yes, sir. indeed. Is fox still here? yes, sir. Yes, sir, he has. Yes, sir. but if my math is right, Yes, sir, hotel regina, paris. Follow me. yes, sir. Iron jacket, where are you? yes, sir. Jay? yes, sir. Yes, sir. yes, you did. Yes, sir! Yes, sir, i know that. Yes, sir. l reckon it does. Yes, sir. nice work. Yes or no? yes, sir. Yes, sir, i am. sir yes