Yes sir

Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Arm phasers. fire everything we've got. yes, sir.", "Yes, sir. good."
Yes, sir. Yes, sir, i do. I say, "yes, sir, i sure did. Yes, sir. andy was a regular cottage industry. Yes, sir. i'm a regular sears and roebuck. Oh, yes, sir. absolutely, sir. The investors. i want all of them. yes, sir. Yes, sir. well, where are you staying? Yes, sir, they surely did. Oh, yes, sir. Yes, my lord. lieutenant. yes, sir. Close the doors. yes, sir. Yes, sir. some company couldn't hurt. Yes, sir. give you a little company if you need it. Yes, sir. small unit action. Yes, sir. how'd you guess that? Yes, sir. runner! Yes, sir. very much so, sir. obviously insane. Yes, sir, i've heard the name. Yes, sir. i didn't suppose you really meant it. You can't! there are rules in life. yes, sir. A girlfriend? yes, sir. she lives next door. Originals? yes,sir. he doesn't make copies. Yes, sir, this is the one. Yes, sir. the church of england, sir. brown hair, isn't it? Yes, sir, on remand. Yes, sir. right. Junior? yes, sir. Stars and stripes? yes, sir. Yes, sir. and, joker... you will take off that damn button. Perkins. sir, yes, sir. A killer, yes, sir. Cowboy. sir, yes, sir. Sir, yes, sir. Sir, yes, sir! Can you hear me? can you see me? yes, sir. Yes or no? yes, sir. Yes, sir, i am. Yes, sir? drink? Jasmine? yes, sir. i tried to stump you this evenning. very good... very good. great nose! Yes, sir. call up the orderlies. Major? yes, sir? Wouldn't you say, lieutenant? yes, sir, i would. Yes, sir. joseph blake. is he... alive. as far as i know. You give them over, hear? yes, sir. Yes, sir, maybe a little further back, but it's all... it's all different up there. Yes, sir, but i changed my mind. just like that? You say, "yes, sir," and you say, "no, sir," and you say, "it will never happen again, sir." Yes, sir, right over there. Give the child her twenty dollars bill, miss brownwell. yes, sir. Yes, sir. here you go. You're in a position to negotiate? yes, sir. Yes, sir. yes, i do. Yes, sir. i understand. Yes, sir, he has. Yes, sir. he's going to march to the sea and make salt. What do they want? gareth! yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. yes, sir. Yes sir, i just walked in the door. Zero, you say? yes, sir. You lived in a cave for thirty six days? yes, sir. I want eyes on everything. yes, sir. Yes, sir. then put it on the left. Yes sir. Yes, sir, right away. Eight hundred yes, sir. Yes, sir! who's in charge here? you. You, clean this up. yes, sir. come on. Yeah. i never had a fitted suit before. yes, sir. Yes, sir. thank you. Yes, sir. le�s get them on. These men fight at kasserine? yes, sir. Yes. sir charles knew my father would not help me. "yes, sir!" he said. Oh, yes, sir. i was told you were here. Rich. yes, sir. Yes, sir. i did it myself. Yes, sir. yes, you did. Yes, sir. right then it was. Yes, sir. bringing them online. Yes, sir. good afternoon. Yes, sir. right away. Yes, sir. good. Arm phasers. fire everything we've got. yes, sir. sir yes