Yes i know

Improve your pronunciation: search phrases in movies and watch and listen videos with them. "Yes, i know you did.", "Yes, i know, it's a woman.", "Oh, yes, i know the place.", "Yes, i know her well.", "Yes, i know, scotty.", "Yes, i know, we've been there."
Yes, i know all about it, and i know that you acted as courier. Yes, i know that hurts. Yes, i know. Yes, i know, i know. Yes, i know. Yes i know. Oh, yes, i know, dear. Yes, i know that. Yes, i know, men can't fly. Yes, i know, christine. And yes, i know how humiliating that admission is. And yes, i know that i can't drive stick. Yes, i know. Yes, i know, it's hard to hear. Yes, i know what the odds are but i just love those scratch-offs. Yes, i know that look. Hunting leviathan yes, i know. Yes, i know that. Yes, i know, we've been there. Yes, i know, scotty. Yes, i know her well. Oh, yes, i know the place. Yes, i know, it's a woman. Yes, i know you did. i know yes i