Yes he is

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Yes. he is a bosnian national, and one of kaos' favorite munitions suppliers."
The champ is down. yes, he is! Yes, he is. He's your client, huh? yes, he is. Yes... yes, he is. Oh yes he is in but he's gone to have his bath. Yes, he is my friend. and i love him. And if the thoughts of my heart say yes, he is the one? Yes, he is important to me. he is important. Yes. yes, he is insufferable at times. Yes. yes, he is. Yes. yes, he is. i'll get him. Uh, yes, he is still in icu, but his mri came back clear. Steve martin's american, isn't he? yes, he is. Yes, he is very funny. Yes. he is, then, in laymen's terms sick? Yes, he is. not disabled, however, by the disturbance. Yes, he is. can i speak to him? Yes, he is. the president's dreaming. Yes, he is right. i was just kidding. Yes, he is. so fix it! Hello. he's friendly. yes, he is. Uh, yes, he is. Yes, he is. i think so. Yes. yes, he is. Yes, he is, but it's going to be different. Yes, he is. his face is. Yes, he is the one to watch. Is he a friend of yours? yes, he is. Hello? yes, he is. hold on a minute. it's simon. I have seen him looking at you, and yes, he is. Yes. yes, he is. i am? Oh, yes, he is. In fact, yes, he is. he's a big girl. Yes he is. Of course you don't remember that. yes, he is. And dad, yes. he is a wonderful dad. You done? yes, he is. Yes, he is a gamer. thank you. Yes, he is an athenian general. Well, if an idea guy is the worst thing a person could be, then yes, he is an idea guy. Yes, he is, he is legitimate. He's not my boyfriend. yes he is. Yes, he is a blonde. Yes, he is my master. And your father's a writer? yes, he is. Yes he is and you'll have to leave. Yes. he is. Yes, he is pretty good. Oh. yes, he is. Yes, he is handsome. Yeah. yes, he is. he's a mama's boy. Yes, he is. he's right here. Tell him i showed you my ass and yes, he is right. Yes, he is a handsome devil, isn't he? Yes, he is. no, i'm not moving there. Why yes, he is. He's probably lying. yes, he is. but... Yeah, he is, isn't he? yes, he is. Yes, yes, he is. but that could prove problematic, since i have his wallet. Yes. yes, he is. yes. Yes, he is. i'll get him for you. Yes, he is. the major wants to talk to you. major? hope i'm not in trouble. Yes, he is. the lord said, "what you give unto me, i will return onto you tenfold." Yes, he is a good man. Hello? oh, yes, he is. frank. bbc. bbc! Yes, he is dead. Oh, she's with kieran. is he a better lover than i am? yes, he is." don't think about that. Yes. he is a bosnian national, and one of kaos' favorite munitions suppliers. he is yes he