Improve your pronunciation: search phrases in movies and watch and listen videos with them. "Yes or no?", "Yes, i've got it."
Yes, prince. Yes, indeed. Lately, yes. Yes, please. Yes, i do. Yes, i know all about it, and i know that you acted as courier. Oh, yes, i do, pedro. Yes, most excellent agent we've ever seen. Yes, sir. Yes, i'm sure. Yes, your majesty. Yes, i've... Sir, yes, sir. Yes, ma'am. If the answer is yes, then you're ready for captain freedom's workout. Yes, sir, i do. Yes, you're wrong. Ah, yes, my morning ritual. A cool customer, yes. Yes, nice to mole you... Yes, sir? Yes, i think it would accessorize the outfit beautifully. Yes, you did. Oh, yes. Yes, but my father was a piano mover, so.... Yes, you are tight like a tiger. Yes, marian. Yes, i heard. Yes, mr stark? Yes?. In a way, yes. Yes, well, standard procedure, i suppose. ...yes. Yes, i know that hurts. Yes, you do. Yes, hello? Bad, yes. Yes, of course that's what i mean. Yes, holmes. Yes, hold on a tic. Yes, you can! Yes, sir! Yes, i know. Yes i can. Yes, austin should be here any second. Yes, of course. I didn't physically check the crates but, basically, yes. Yes, by all means. Yes, sir, i understand. I used to see her at her husband's house, yes. Is that a yes? Yes, so my family tell me. Yes.. Yes, i'm a mouse. Yes, but you're blue. Yes, you look like a macho man. Yes, dear? Yes, please, your majesty. Yes, i am. Why, yes. He owns it, yes. Yes, general, but... Yes, you have been away a very long time. Yes, it does, michael. Yes, we're men. ...yes... I asked and she said yes. Oh, yes, sir. Yes, i've got it. Yes or no?