Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "And the answer to your question is yes.", "Yes, you are.", "Put me down! yes, sarge.", "Yes, and he had help... from one of our own.", "Concerning? yes, ma'am.", "Private idiot. yes, sergeant."
I couldn't. yes, you could've. Yes, they are. My answer is yes. Yes, master wayne? You love her? yes. Yes, i do. Did you catch him? yes. Did you think of an alibi? oh, yes. Let's put it to a vote. yes! Yes. I appear on behalf of respondent number one yes, mr. gupta, a meateating lawyer for an animal rights case? Yeah. yes. hi. The rebels are getting closer, yes? I can't! yes, you can. yes, you can. Yes. what do you say to them? Honey, can i have that coffee now? yes, sir. "the cowboy"? yes Is that her? yes. Wade. yes, sir? Yes. did you ever talk to your mom about how things are with tommy? Yes! yes! fucking... Yes, it is possible. Erase it? yes. i want no names to appear there. Yes. throw it in. Yes, we do, dad. She would have said yes. Yes! Yes, yes. he's not coming back in. do you hear me? Yes, i am, mrs. lenoix. Yes. grumpy old hollingsworth, right? Yes, sir. how'd you guess that? Yes, that's it. Yes. when? Yes, monsieur gustave? Yes, i killed him. you... Yes, my lord. Yes, sir. good afternoon. Yes! rise and shine, campers! Yes. why aren't there any records? Dean witter. yes, hi. You don't need braces. yes, i do. Yes, we'll be all right. Yes, thank you. i am old and i am not well. Yes. no. cancel that. okay. Are those projections his subconscious? yes. Well, yes, on six of them. Yes! yes! he's telling me to use a rathole. Yes, doctor. good night. good night. Ruf only! yes, yes, i understand that. Yes, it does. From the bottom to the top. yes, sir. Yes, dino. okay, dino. Yes, i do. get out of here, devil! No. if you get this diamond, you will have enough money, yes? Sulu, let's go home. yes, sir! Yes, what's wrong? Yes, but we're not telling her. We talkin' turkey marbella? yes, we are. Claudla: yes, hi! hello! Yes, unless they figure out how to open doors. What's it gonna be, yes or no? yes or no? I mean... yes. Yes, ma'am. Yes, dear? But when the drug is proven to work, and if you fit the profile, then yes. Yes. yeah. And, mary, if you could take care of mrs. woo. yes, of course. Yes, sir. Yes, yes, i know. "weather" and "hitler". Yes. then it's really going to happen, isn't it? Yes, we have, my lord. Ready? yes. Yes! yes. no. Go back to your car. yes, sir. Yes, our congregation is growing strongly. Lord vader. yes, admiral. what is it? Yes, who is this? Well, yes, you've been most patient. Caldlow. yes, i am. i always have been. You, clean this up. yes, sir. come on. Yes, r2. Do we have an echelon package? yes. Well, yes indeed. and it was our pleasure, linney. Yes, there was. Sorry, yes. Cover us. yes, sir. No, you aren't. yes, i am. It's been ages. it has, yes. Private idiot. yes, sergeant. Concerning? yes, ma'am. Yes, and he had help... from one of our own. Put me down! yes, sarge. Yes, you are. And the answer to your question is yes.