Where are

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Where are we going now?"
Where are we going, sir? to get reese. Where are they?! choose between one life or the other. What do we do now? where are we going? Harvey, where are you? where are you? Where are they?! killing is making a choice. Where are you from? Where are you?! kill me first! So, uh, where are you from? Where are we on the list? Where are alex's real parents? Where are you going? No, mr. plainview! no, where are you going? Margaret, where are you? i'm really very good at games, Oh, really? then where are you? Where are my glasses? Excuse me, sir. where are you going, please? General! where are you camped? Hey, gollum! where are you? smeagol? Where are you? Well, i finished my work. where are we going? Where are you staying? Where are my boots? Where are we going, alex? Yes, me, too. where are we going? Where are you going, sir? Where are we going? back to the ashram. Goldie and the other six where are they? Where are my pants? So where are you? you're in some motel room. Where are you on garabedian? i'm working on it. George? the shuttle's leaving. where are you? Where are we having dinner? Where are you going? come here! no! Where are you going? come. This was their fight. where are they now? Where are they? Dad, where are we going? be quiet. Where are the energy levels now? Where... where are your quotrons, here? quotrons? Where are we going, daddy? Bones, where are we going? you'll see. Hey. hey, doc. where are you? Wait a second, where are you going? Where are we going? Nabil, where are you? Where are you from? he shifts props for virgil at the hall. Where are the ludes? Where are your papers? we don't have any papers, sir. Where are the riders from snowborn? Where are the others? No need for braces. where are you gonna get the money? Bapu, please, where are you going? Yes, of course. but where are we going? Colonel, where are we going? So where are you going? Drive. where are you going? So, where are we with the ninety Where are they, mae? jim, we can't even keep 'em warm. Da, here! where are you? Jessica? where are you? All right, i'm ready. where are you going? Mr pitts where are you? Where are you taking him? God damn it, lieutenant. where are you gonna pull back to? Where are you going? what are you gonna do? Where are we on geoghan? Where are your sisters? Fifty five where are you going to be? Where are we, travis? what happened? Where are you, clem? i'm worried. What about the rathtars? where are you keeping them? Mort, where are you? Where are you going, diane? i'm going home. Who the hell are you? wait a second. where are you goin'? Jim, where are you going? it's me, samuel. Tell me again, lad, where are we going? Where are you going, man? Where are we? Can this wait? where are you? Where are you gonna take him? Where are her folks? new york? yeah. I told you to put 'em on. where are they? (woman) where are you going? Where are we going now? are where