Well sort of

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Really? yeah,well sort of my plan."
No. well, sort of. You stole it? no. well, sort of. Well, sort of borrowing the place. Well, sort of. we weren't able to remove the shard of watch... Well, sort of. i wanted to stock up on some supplies. Well, actually, no. well, sort of. Well, sort of. Well, sort of. lot of fairy tales mixed in. Well, sort of. lenny's kind of got monkey arms. Well, sort of. it's a long story. Yeah, well, sort of. what do you mean, sort of? Well, sort of. erm, i got through the second round Well... sort of hung on. Well, sort of. we had a brief encounter. Now it's big michael, and raymond doesn't like that, because, well, sort of the dutch power has been taken over by michael. Really? yeah,well sort of my plan. sort of well sort