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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Well, my car's actually parked outside", "Well, my opinion would be that you must do what you feel is right for yourself, your family and the nation."
Well, my friend, all is not well on the hippie front. Well, my passion is equal to the task. Well, my aunt helen said i should be a writer... but i don't know what i'd write about. Well, my sister, she saw him over in the dunkin' donuts. Well, my friend. Yeah, well, my editor didn't think that way. Well, my niece knows that, john, and she's about this high. Well... my wife and i like it here. Well, my freshman philosophy professor... assigned this exercise in forward thinking. And i said, well... my name's standard gabriel. Well, my mom i have to help her with the route. Well, my wife, in the end´┐Ż she took a power drill to her left temple... in an attempt to bore the images out. Well, my mother doesn't have a maiden name. Well, my point was that they'd actually blessed him with something to focus on, you know, something that he could potentially find meaning in. Well, my sister and i are just ordinary people, you know. Well, my kid's gonna go berserk. Well, my brotherinlaw brings home fish from sheepshead bay all the time, and after a while you get to identify them. Well, my fee is fifty francs. Well, my story line is disappearing right now. Yeah? well, my six keeps telling us he wants to be a policeman... right after he retires from the majors. No. well, my name is zachariah rigby. Yeah. well, my pleasure. Well, my family were invited, obviously. Oh, yes, well, my friends call me that. No, that's 'cause... well, my dad... he's letting me audit one of his med school courses, right? Are you well, my son? Well, my father was a mechanic. Well, my business is gonna work. Well, my mother was a music teacher... and married my father, whose family was extremely wealthy. Well my dear... say hello to the boys. If there's anything we can do to help out... well, my ellen is coming. Well, my sister's at my parents', and i was gonna go see her. Very well, my lord. your grace has laid the odds o' th' weaker side. Well, my friends, you can rot in here if you like, but i'm gonna scram this very night. Well, my dear friends, i propose to raise a toast to... And, well, my family didn't own a boat. Well, my eyes are open now. Well, my mom was a little confused... how the dea could mistake her and uncle donald... for a couple of dope smugglers in the florida keys. Well, my job made me aware. All right, well, my number... Well, my wife... her father, he had a business. Well, my mom already left for the diner and dad went to seven hundred and eleven to get scratchers. Well, my associate, dr. harmon, would be happy to talk. Well my son i'm sure you'll find out. Well, my plan was go easy on them. Well, my old man, he was a bull rider. Well... my skating career is over and i have... no savings. Happy, you know very well my organization is entering a tempest. Well, my mom can call and ask if you want. Well, my sister is going to live in the backyard with her husband in the pool house. Well, my dad was in corporate banking and left me a lot of money when he died... Well, my sisters may write to me. Yeah, well, my answer's the same. Well, my advice is to kill it in utero. Well, my name is anna. Well, my family decided to changeto a new order. Well, my character doesn't get to explain his side of things. Well, my lord. Well, my parents named me after my mother's favorite flower. Yeah, well, my name's kelly. jack kelly. you think i'm lying? Well, my second wife, edna, she got the notion she wanted me to be a lawyer. Well, my firm offers ninja loans. Well, my sandy gets the best. Well, my parents don't arrive until later. Yeah, well, my partner has it. Sleep well, my friend. just one thing, aim high. Excellent. you've done well, my boy. Yeah? well... my bed actually had something under it. You well? my mind's well. Well, my left hand's free oh well, my left hand's free oh Well, my baggage doesn't try and kill me every five minutes. Well, my situation with louie and his dad. Well, my spaceship's in the shop. Well my wounded won't survive being moved. Well, my name is etienne forcier. Well, my son is okay, so l still say it's a good day. So i said, "well, my mother always told me "if you massage your pussy with pam cooking spray "a month before the baby comes, "you don't need vaginal rejuvenation." Well, my father was in the corps, if that helps. Well... my mama used to lick them clean. Well, my goal is to study interior decorating online. Well, my mother does admire them. Well, my point is that we had it too easy. Well, my son here, looking to buy his first car. Well, my associates and i are looking to make a meeting with you if we could. Well, my boy... Well, my parents were in queens then. Well, my problem is this little fella. Hey. yeah, well, my grandad had cancer of the bum. Well, my parents are here, too. Well, my work here is done. Well, your left hand's free oh well, my left hand's free oh well, my left hand's free oh Well, my people sitting right across the street from your mama house right now. Well, my parents are in korea for three months. Fare you well, my lord. Well, my lord. why do your parents support it? Well, my cousin dell was always fighting bad ideas. Well, my uncle les says when the money's gone, it's time to move on, so enjoy it, you secret handshaking assholes. Well, my opinion would be that you must do what you feel is right for yourself, your family and the nation. Well, my car's actually parked outside my well