Well i suppose

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Well i suppose it depends on what happened last night, doesn't it?"
Well, i suppose you'd have to start somewhere... Well, i suppose i'd better take back everything i just said. Well, i suppose there's no way around it. Well, i suppose they heard there's gonna be a lot of ham. Well, i suppose i'll have to kill him before he finds me, then. Well, i suppose i could hotwire this thing. Well, i suppose i ought to congratulate you on your promotion. Good. well, i suppose i should... After the loss, herb came to visit me in an agitated... well, i suppose the clinical term would be... what? Well, i suppose one can't have everything. Well, i suppose congratulations are in order. Well, i suppose you do, since you already know what i'm about to say. Well, i suppose i could smear the ball with peanut butter, but that would be beneath your dignity... and mine. Well, i suppose apart from getting a slightly better haircut... yeah. Well, i suppose i can help you with that. Well, i suppose i'd better play for a bit, please these people. Well, i suppose i'll be back for supper. Well, i suppose one between friends couldn't hurt. Well, i suppose i could. Well, i suppose this summer vacation with a big haul south of the border, was out of the question now. Well i suppose it could've been worse. Well, i suppose what i'm saying is... you get on. I see. well, i suppose you'll have to then, Ah, well, i suppose that's how it goes. Well... i suppose. Well, i suppose you'll find out in seven months. I… well i suppose. Well... i suppose i'll have to meet her parents. Well, i suppose horses have as much right to go crazy in this war as men have. Well, i suppose life must go on. How many of these have you had? oh... well, i suppose it was because of charles lamb. Yeah, well, i suppose i am. Well, i suppose i'd better get sausage, egg and chips, too, then. Well... i suppose i should go. Well, i suppose it's pints all around, gentlemen. Well, i suppose i'd better be taking off, then. Well, i suppose i am. Well, i suppose i make all the decisions. Well, i suppose they have to ask those questions. But as you've hardly treated him as a human being, i suppose... well, i suppose a horse isn't a bad place to start. Well, i suppose i'm deranged, but i... guess i'll just have to call. Well, i suppose i could agree to a split, as long as... as you assign me all the rights to every painting ever produced. Well, i suppose the human mind just can't comprehend the experience, Well, i suppose. i'm finished with this guy. Yes... well, i suppose it's appropriate... given what's at stake. Let's see... well, i suppose it all started at... Um, well, i suppose you could say we know more about shark now than we did the last time. It's just as well, i suppose. Well, i suppose it's all right if you're from the park. Well, i suppose i've never really thought of a boat as a place to live. Well, i suppose a man has to decide when he wants to stand up and be a man. Well, i suppose i deserve that. Yeah. well, i suppose we have some of that. Well i suppose, if we all go... no! i don't care to be paraded like a herd of heifers at a farm auction. Well, i suppose. Well i suppose it depends on what happened last night, doesn't it? i suppose well i