Well i

Improve your pronunciation: search phrases in movies and watch and listen videos with them. "Well, i said it loud.", "Well, i mean, he's going to lose his job, like he should."
Well, i told you i hadn't quite got it right. Well, i think you were a bargain. Well, i think so. Well, i... Well, i suppose. Well, i can fly. Well, i got three pieces of work. Well, i, my most unabominable snowman... Well, i wanna. Well, i hope you folks enjoyed yourselves. Well, i just stand there, holding onto that tv. Well, i did. Well, i would have used it, winston, but this is willie. Well, i guess that should do it. Well, i don't have anybody... Well, i am sorry. Yeah,well, i know you grew out of... Well, i hear mrs. wilkes is going to have a baby in another month or so. Well, i have my dark days. All right, well, i had better go and get this in the mail. Well, i know all about you. Well, i guess you're about ready then, aren't you? Well, i got a deposition this afternoon. Well, i don't accept that. Well, i find that highly unlikely. Well, i think you're pretty darn cute. Come quietly, well i can tell you this... Well, i saw the house. Well, i say... Well, i hope to dispel that notion. Well, i can't say i approve. Well, i know some evidence that greedy asshole would never destroy. Well, i hope i don't have any more children. Well, i found something. Well, i must say! Well, i know we ain't in alaska, but... Well, i love you, too. Well, i, um... Well, i hope it was worth it. Well, i better... Well, i hate to break it to you... Well, i feel stupid doing this... Well, i guess that's it. Well, i don't mean to contradict you, but getting it to her, impossible. Well, i hope i'm not disturbing anything. Well, i do. Well, i was. Well, i did study with dr. errol von straussenburgerbecken. Well, i was... Well, i can't use the real reason. Well, i try to be a sensible dad. Well, i was dead and in heaven. Well, i do! Well, i, for one, am telling everybody. Well, i didn't ask you for your opinion. Well, i mean i did like to. Well, i guess that's why gangsters had molls. Well, i won't wait to be gutted. Well, i guess i'll have to take care of this myself. Well, i will do just that. Well, i think we all learned something. Well, i don't know about you, but i, for one, could use a beer. Well, i think you're right. Well, i don't know what to say. Well, i saw something. Well, i just want to be sure you are okay, Well, i guess we can get the van loaded. Well, i wasn't there either. Well, i don't think so. Well, i guess, until then you'll just have to depend... Well, i mean... Well, i don't know. Yeah, well, i hate strawberries. Well, i don't have my phone on Well, i guess congratulations are in order. Well, i feel safer with the buddy system. Well i would like to know about his prospects. Well, i was having a conversation. Well, i co founded it in grad school with a couple of friends of mine. Well, i can't give you my prescription. Well, i hadn't intended to, sir, but the tribble had other plans. Well, i have one great passion that Well, i think i might need a couple of days. Well, i did put a lot of thought into the tape. Well, i hear differently. Well, i guess dogs really can sniff it out. Well, i cry all the time. Well, i feel like a whole new person. Well, i sang. Yes, well, i don't make those decisions. Well, i tried billie jean king, but... Well, i guess they're not coming. Well, i assume i'll have to take showers with him. Well, i have no complaints about the house. Well, i do bring a certain credibility to the role. Well, i appreciate that, nurse fremont. Well, i think a major factor should be originality. Well, i mean, he's going to lose his job, like he should. Well, i said it loud. i well