Well i

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Well, i don't know about mr. lau's travel arrangements, but i'm sure glad he's back. Well, i was raised here. i turned out okay. Well, i must say, compared to your usual requests... jumping out of an airplane is pretty straightforward. Well, i found some irregularities. Well, i do appreciate you bringing me out here in such style, mr. lau, but i re we do not allow cell phones in here. Well, i guess no answer is a no. harvey. Yeah, well, i heard they have a different name for me down at mcu. Well, i don't want you to be sober when i'm high, okay? Well, i hope you don't mind me coming by. It's weird. heh. well, i don't think so. Well, i found him, i stuck with him for eight years. Well, i need to stretch my legs. let's take a chance. Well, i don't know how decent i feel. Well, i must say i'd hoped for better. Well, i knew you were you. Well, i can't discuss that with you either. come on, guys. Well, i saw something, but i couldn't say who. Well, i was in the neighborhood. Well, well, i do. i do. Well, i heard a sound last night that sounded sort of like a carcrash and i want to know if there was an accident on mulholland drive. Well, i do hope you gave your parents hell for that. Well, i don't know. Well, i ain't giving you mine, 'cause you're crazy. Well, i guess everybody's got problems. Well, i finished my work. where are we going? Well, i suppose you'd have to start somewhere... Well, i don't fight. Well, i hate to break this to you, but starfleet operates in space. Well, i knew his father. And, you as well. i see, you've already met the village asshole. Well, i... i've had a few zits. Well, i had to try, you know. And when their lies ain't the same as your lies... well, i ain't going to hurt no woman. Well, i just want you to know we're all on your side about this mildred hayes thing. Yeah, well, i really suck at noses. Well, i promise a stressfree environment. Well, i have one more story to type before i put it in the mail, but other than that, we're done. Well, i just... Well, i suppose i'd better take back everything i just said. Well, i mean... honestly, mostly schmucks. Well, i got some moves i could make here. Well, i think you're an overeducated twenty seven virgin... who likes to hold hands of ladies who are superstitious and promises them eternity. Well i didn't see it. Well, i got here the same way the coin did. Well, i can't put it into words, but i feel it. Well, i guess that leaves me out. Well, i don't know about that, because there's severe criticism of that within the scientific community itself. Well, i mean, she's hardly the first woman to try and do that to me. Well, i don't trust him either, but he is my friend. Well, i think i'll report on the evening's frivolities. Well, i couldn't eat it, and i ordered it. you want it? Well, i guess even a bonehead like you could understand... that a man acquires this over a period of fifty years. Well, i take it from your tone that you're challenging me. Well, i suppose there's no way around it. Well, i think the smiths are my favorite. Well, i changed it a little bit. why? Hey, hey, before you go bouncing all over again, and make me forget, ma... just... what i want to tell you is that... well, i got you a present. Yeah, well, i almost died getting it for you. I do. well, i came back downstairs, Well, i wouldn't be very good at my job if it did. I know your face so well, i could do it with my eyes closed. Yes. well, i told them not to worry. Well, i don't even know if i'm gonna remember all of my lines. Well, i could use a roofing hammer. Well i guess it's just, you know, sensory overload. Well, i think i'll be all right then. Well, i live here in paris. Well, i have an idea who it was. You told me. well, i presented you with that option, Oh, yeah, well, i just got off the phone with hogan. Well, i thought that one was gold for the grandkiddies. Well, i think you were a bargain. Bullshit, childs. he's got to know damn well i cut it! Well, i got one of... jesus! Well, i couldn't get all of me in the photo. Well, i got in last night in time for... english department cocktails. Cheese! school became... well, i got used to it. Well, i just need one. Well, i was home. Well, i suppose they heard there's gonna be a lot of ham. Well, i... Well i got a good one. I don't know, man, i don't know... i've been... i've been thinking about this... well, i always kind of wanted to write a book that all took place within the space of a pop song, you know, like three or four minutes long. Well, i won't tell if you won't. Well, i was until about five minutes ago. Well, i could tell him to take off his helmet but then he'd, you know, die, so... we'll release the photo when we detail the rescue operation. Rightio, sorry. well, i won't be a minute, so i'll just... sorry. i just want to... Well i went to, um, kinko's today to see if they could get my thesis off this. Shit, i don't know, ron. well, i do. Well, i ain't never said they were singing angels. Well, i don't give him my phone, so i'd appreciate it if you didn't give him yours. Well, i don't know... yeah, they are, they definitely... definitely. Yeah, well, i haven't had a drink in nine and a half years. Well, i hope you learnt your lesson, son. Well, i found something that i thought could be fun. Well... i gotta go. Well i recall his part. ing words Well, i wasn't sure, really, 'cause i was away from the monitor for a minute... Is he here? well, i don't know. i well