Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Good day, sir, and welcome to the ocean club."
Welcome to hong kong, mr. fox. You're welcome. So welcome. You're welcome! assemble on me. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome. On behalf of your captain and crew... we'd like to welcome you to los angeles. Welcome. i'm lando calrissian. i'm the administrator of this facility. Welcome to expediting. Thank you. you're welcome. Mr. taylor, welcome to the united states, again. Welcome to lskenderun. Welcome to the astronaut candidate program. Welcome! He's not welcome. The sirens i used to welcome the sound. Welcome. thank you. Welcome to the fold, brother plainview. But as we bid adieu to one star, we welcome another. Welcome to the neighborhood. different breed down here, sarge. Welcome to hell ton. Welcome. Welcome, i'm bryan callen, along with bestselling fight author, sam sheridan. Welcome to miami mutual bank. You are most welcome. Thank you very much and welcome to to tell the truth. Welcome to the party, pal! goddamn it! Ηey, welcome home, vic. L'm just kidding you. welcome to our humble home, buddy. Oh, you're welcome. Welcome to information retrieval. Welcome back, spock. Welcome to the world's first artificially intelligent operating system, os1. Welcome, welcome. Please welcome mike "the mutilator" moore. Mr. angier, welcome to colorado springs. My master, sauron the great, bids thee welcome. Welcome to new york. Just turn around now 'cause you're not welcome anymore weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye? This is where you belong. welcome home. Welcome to xanadu. You're welcome to stay here. lt's working out good. Gentlemen, welcome to stratton oakmont. Welcome back to who wants to be a millionaire? Welcome. steve here yet? Welcome to the summer semester of connections. Welcome aboard. Hi everyone, welcome. My cousin balin would give us a royal welcome. Let's give a juicy welcome to mrs. sara goldfarb. Tonight, we welcome amy's best friend, noelle hawthorne. Thank you, sir. welcome aboard. Fatty bolger. lovely to see you. welcome, welcome. Our winner is a flight attendant from washington, d. c. please welcome mary kellington. Welcome to miami international airport. Welcome to rivendell, frodo baggins. I like caravans more. you're very welcome. Mrs. bracegirdle, how nice to see you. welcome, welcome. To what do i owe the pleasure of this rather welcome pint of ale? you're the great danton, aren't you? All right, you cheese dicks, welcome to the nam. follow me! Welcome home, brother. To assist at the birth of an independent lndia... and to welcome her as an equal member... in the british commonwealth of nations. Welcome, thanos, son of alars. You're welcome! Okay, thank you. you're welcome. Welcome home, mr. cobb. You are not welcome here. Welcome to the ocean club, sir. checking in? Well, you're welcome. Welcome, professor. Ls it really painful? you're very welcome to try it, alfred. Do not look for welcome here. Welcome to my home. Welcome, was the traffic terrible? no, not at all. Welcome to the nürburgring, the most dangerous circuit on the season calendar. Will you please give a very warm welcome... to our own chancellor adam sutler! Welcome, mr. bond. you sign that, dear. Thank you very much. you're perfectly welcome, sir. Will you please give a warm and juicy welcome. Thanks. you're welcome. The illustrious jabba bids you welcome... and will gladly pay you the reward of twenty five Good evening welcome to 'who wants to be a millionaire' Please welcome "irish" brendan conlon. Congratulations on passing the detective's exam, and welcome... You're welcome. i thought you'd like it. Welcome back, sir. Welcome, ladies. if you'd like to follow me. Welcome back. Good day, sir, and welcome to the ocean club.