Very heavy

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "You know, it's very heavy. yeah.", "My god, this is a very heavy pack."
That looks very heavy for you, darling. fuck off. And why was he very heavy? She's petite, but very heavy on top, so i got a medium! She's in the upper ionosphere and it looks like we're in for some very heavy chop, sir. One. your eyes are starting to get very heavy now. Very heavy rain and plenty of lightning continue throughout the week. Legs are very heavy. This is the taliban, okay? very heavy. okay? It was very heavy, and he commented on the weight several times. He's very heavy. be gentle. mmhmm. Very heavy. Oh, no. we've got it. it's very heavy. He's gettin' very heavy. then pull him up! Well, that the man was very heavy. precisely. Very heavy into hunting. She's a class act. sidney, this could be some very, very heavy exposure. That gear belongs to some very heavy people. A severe selioff underway, the dow is down four hundred and fifty points in very heavy trading as yall street reacts to the terrorist attack of the new york city subway system. My god, this is a very heavy pack. You know, it's very heavy. yeah. heavy very