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Uncle jackie was excellent. No. no. my uncle garth went to one of these places and he never came back. No. well, your uncle marsellus is. There's a picture of uncle walt up there. Not now, uncle peter. Uh, this is our best linen here, and it's, uh it was a wedding present... from my uncle conrad and my aunt ginny. Uncle jackie was a smalltime bookie who tended bar at the vets in somerville. His uncle jackie was. That's what i'm gonna do, uncle peter. And i'm positive that if uncle conrad and aunt... Uncle mac all the while tryin' to get that shotgun. ... you had an uncle met his demise like that? Uncle bob, huh? okay. Uncle "jailbird" joey? My uncle, he's very sick. What if she just comes for the ride and she can stay at aunt evelyn's and uncle harry's? My uncle says you're very smart but not very nice... so i shouldn't pay no mind if you're mean to me. We named him after your eccentric uncle. what was his name? Uncle peter. Okay, i'll tell you what… remember the other day at my parents' when… uncle kumar was talking about the orchestra i shot for? Your uncle is wearied by your malcontent... your warmongering. Uncle, what are these? I was eleven uncle peter. My uncle always said there was oil there, but i don't know what they heard or what they think. "uncle bob"? I want to get away with my husband for a few days, and uncle frank won't come with us. Uncle frank's had a really hard thanksgiving weekend. Maybe you could look after us before getting back to your uncle. Your daddy ever tell you how uncle mac come to his reward? Good old uncle frank and this here with him is charlie simms, star halfback of the baird football team. Marty johnson had to go away to delaware to live with his uncle. Why don't you tell us about your uncle jackie? My uncle says it makes me strong. All i did was give your uncle a little nudge out of the door. I'm your uncle. argyle. Uncle mac went back in the house and got the shotgun... What's it got to do with kumar uncle anyway? Your uncle joey didn't make parole again. I sent uncle mac's thumbbuster and badge over to the rangers. Do you always enjoy shocking people, uncle frank? All right. thanks to my uncle tommy in china, we get another chance at this. Uncle john? I'm sorry, uncle. Are you the police? i'm his uncle. That maggot uncle of yours... tommy costigan, is another goof. You want to go play with the other kids while i talk to uncle joe? Say thank you to your uncle paul. "love, uncle doug." My uncle told me a strange thing. And uncle frank's gonna like you a lot, too. Uncle? Mommy, mommy, don't forget uncle frank's walk. You didn't think i'd miss your uncle bilbo's birthday? Say "uncle." uncle! Uncle peter. you said you were kidnapped together? W. w. uncle walt again. Uncle bob, this is enrique. Uncle took me on a pilgrimage. # uncle sam is mild # he's peaceful as a child # but never get him riled or you'll be whipped # hollywood, shut up. So, you're my uncle joey. Does he have any problems with uncle sam? Say, "uncle!" To jackie. uncle jackie. He's... uncle bob. Yes. uncle jimmy! Your uncle conrad and aunt ginny, were they millionaires? Uncle frank. gloria! Uncle john! uncle john! What's your point, uncle frank? Uncle argyle used to talk about it. They would furnish you with a whole bedroom set, which your uncle marsellus is more than happy to do. Uncle pete says you was the meanest goddamn son of a bitch alive. I told your uncle, i never met a lawman who wasn't a punk. Well, uncle mac knew the score even if aunt ella didn't. Your uncle jackie... he also would kill my entire fucking family if he saw me here with you. My uncle, doc brown. Now. uncle john? I don't know, uncle. They miss their uncle joey. Uncle pete never seen nothing like it... shooting your way out of that scrape. Nothing much to it, uncle edward. Don't you want to be an uncle? And who might your uncle be? I don't care who your cousin is, or your brother, your uncle, your grandmother, i don't care... I will not tell my uncle i've lost him the greatest city in the north. Yeah. i think it's a major embarrassment, having an uncle in prison. I liked his uncle jackie better. jackie was all right. Uncle sam's got you now. Uncle! uncle! Come on, chloe, let's show uncle sam how we make the word "cat." Her uncle is a colonel in soviet intelligence. Sick uncle? what you think, willy? Note the touching performance of ronald brierly as uncle bunny. Uncle! Tomorrow there goes another ford eight, uncle mac. You asked who for a piano? my uncle. In all the years, i'd never visited my uncle daniel. Uncle bob's a big softie when you got to know him. What happened to uncle fred?