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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Might it be less, uh... might it not be more prudent to call off this attack... and simply seek the boy yourself?", "And, uh, you talk to him through this."
Uh, half. I pledged in my campaign, uh, to have... I, uh... couldn't risk my family's safety. Uh, can we get a minute, people, please? It's simple. we, uh, kill the batman. Uh, but then, uh... Are you going to the, uh, exhibition with them? Uh, i'm telling you this. I knew this guy in, uh, grade school. uhoh. Hey, uh, grease nolan, outta red hook. where you from? Is that, uh, everyone? Uh, yeah. who's this? Uh... Your day, your request. oh. uh, the piano. I, uh i got you this... thing, um happy early valentine's day. Cool. oh, uh, So, uh, where are you from? Uh, mr. earl partridge. Hi! i could, uh, give you a ride, if you need. It's funny, because i thought i was talking about what i wanted and, uh... There's a good story behind this one uh, actually, mr. barish, i'll get a much better emotional readout... if you refrain from any sort of verbal description of the items. And we seem to have lost him for a moment, and, uh, i can't i can't bring him back up. You, uh... cooking something? Uh, kids are in the lead. North? uh... name me three herbs that grow wild on this farm. Uh, the cannon's stuck in forward position. Well, you, uh, seen coulter? Mr. barish, if you'd like to, uh to come inside. No, uh, it was the chief of police of malibu. I, uh, i don't know how else to look. i... Uh... there? that's orion. And, uh, you take a taxi. Uh... yeah... I, uh, i won the pennsylvania lottery in the morning... Uh, we should get out of here. I mean, it might not be such a simple, uh... you know? Uh! oh! Before i worked for s. h. i. e. l. d... i, uh... Uh... phil... l'm... For what? scaring you the other day at the, uh... Uh, this is our best linen here, and it's, uh it was a wedding present... from my uncle conrad and my aunt ginny. Is he kidding me? uh, richard, robby here. Yes, we'll be near the, uh... The porter case? remind me. yeah, uh... Oh, i see. what i should do is, uh, come home and say: Okay, i have no, uh... But, uh, you like listening to your music loud. Can i go outside with joy? uh, convince your brother to go with you and you can. He believes the culprits might be the people who, uh... soiled your rug, and you're in a unique position to confirm or disconfirm this. Like they promised, uh... Hey, uh, what do you think about trudi? Come on. do it, goddamn it! do it! uh, um I, uh... just didn't recognize you. Is that your team? uh, yes. No, no, i was just, uh, running some experiments. Look, kevin, uh, that's actually why i'm here. It's, uh... it's, uh... uh... Did he mention mabel? mabel? what, uh... Excuse me, miss. uh, yes? Uh, my mother died a long time ago, and my father, i don't know where he is. I just notice a real, uh... tension between victor and sofia. Uh, just after porter. december '93. And, uh... more work, that's for sure. Did you talk to your father? uh yeah. Yeah. you have that? okay. uh, one of those. He smells everything with his little cute nose... uh, i love my kitty! He's, uh, seducing my girlfriend with my words and my things. Uh, yeah. we got it. Uh, yeah. please do. Uh, i'm out the gate, right? Yeah. uh don't rock and moan. Uh, baron wants us to scrub the geoghan case. But, uh... It's, uh it means ''merciful.'' If you can't fix what's broken, you'll, uh... you'll go insane. Uh, at least she knows that something is not right, so if you can just do whatever you can to help me. Uh... no. no i uh i've got some history i wanna do. We're short on staff. well, we, uh, we get more staff, then. Uh, kind of been wondering the same thing about you. It's very recognizable. it's chopin, actually, and, uh... Huh? zero him. uh... James, uh, you don't really have a gun. Uh, to the globe? who did you send it to? I got it all here, but, uh, Yeah, that's, uh... it's what the contract says, looking over it and all. Was it your idea? no, it was, uh... Uh, my friend knew her. And, uh, even if you argue your way around that, the charitable immunity statute caps damages at twenty grand. I, uh, just got a call from the cardinal. Oh, sorry. oh, uh, look. Uh... saved. Uh... it's wine. Hey, you got, uh, any, uh, big valentine's day plans with her? no. it's only a day away. That's mta maintenance, uh, sewer construction, couple of other things. Uh, joely. No, uh, that... mmmm. that's not correct. where'd you hear that? Uh, anything more recent? And, uh, you talk to him through this. Might it be less, uh... might it not be more prudent to call off this attack... and simply seek the boy yourself?