These men?

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These men will kill you and take it anyway. He vouched for these men. and he's gone. We're authorized to remand these men. Let's go, let's get these men out of here. It means that these men, do not respect you. We need these men wellrested to bring in this well. Some of these men are my neighbors. And anyone who stands in our way... will suffer the same fate as these men... you see before you. These men are contracted laborers. So i can give these men orders now? I don't have time to explain myself as i go along and i'm afraid these men would only slow me down. Break out the ale! these men are thirsty! Ruth! help these men and bring them some water. These men are dangerous, professional criminals. No, these men are cowards. These men were sent here to abduct you, all right? These men work in twelve shifts. Get these men secured immediately. But remember that these men have lands and castles. These men, they just want money. All you've done so far... is save the lives of these men. Most of these men don't believe the same way you do. You cannot lead these men... unless you are prepared to do what is necessary to defeat evil. And where would i be leading these men? No, it's just, all these men who are on top of me, These men are not here they are not here to help us. You are ready to lead these men. Let's get these men some chow. yes, sir. I ate, laughed, mourned with these men while you hid in your tent. Now you get your ass up and join these men right now. All these men are loyal. These men came to our aid. they guided us here. When these men arrived, i told them no corners would be cut for them. With these men, the french will not be so kind. These men are here to value the building. These men have more experience than you ever will. Now, now, these men, these men, these are the fastest. And now you want me to help you kill all these men? All these men... were honoured in their generations... and were a glory in their days. Accuse these men. These men have all previously been tested. Help me. these men are chasing me. please. Equality in the black psyche. look at these men. But instead of just talking about these men, i wanna ask adam mitchell to come and speak to us. So if we go to court you promise you can stop these men? Do you know these men? But for my dad and these men... . Come nightfall, these men will all reach the same conclusion. We will vote and we will put these men out of office! These men watched them, waited for them to make their move and then they foiled the crime. Officers, arrest these men! wait, wait! These men are with me, standish... but... are you? Get away from these men, please. You expect these men to take your word for it... just because you say so? You lived and worked with these men every day. Whoever you are... don't try to stop me from killing these men. We pay to train these men, and you get rich by killing them. And if we wish to truly honor these men... . Major, i'm ordering you to take these men to the choppers and evacuate. Which one of these men has the ring? You must understand, these men on gallipoli, they are experts. Release these men! These men are a rare breed... that live to confront the wolf. Get these men moving. Try as i may, i don't know these men. These men trespassed against allah. No, these men are desert people. Just tell me, can these men see it through? You tell the american people what these men did here. What happened to these men? You understand what will happen to my wife and children if these men can't see it through? Master constable, let these men be bound, and brought to leonato. North africa's lost, and you're going to need these men a year from now to defend berlin. Talk peace with these men. And i don't want to see any more of these men vanish in the back of a pickup truck. These men have battled in the trenches for months. Do you know these men? master, master, master, please. please. These men help you. yeah, these men help you. You know, sailor falls overboard, these men dive in and save 'em. yes. These men have been duped by agent faust. Neither of these men are chaney. These men will perform a search of your vessel. We need you to take these men to where you let our people off. If you sell to these men, it's gonna be chaos. These men were about to surrender! These men need a proper teacher. These men are wanted for the triple murder in granada hills last night. We are now to examination these men. He's one of these men who's lost without a woman. ... the form of plausive manners, that these men... carrying, i say, the stamp of one defect, being nature's livery or fortune's star... We can't ask these men to go back to the president with a lot of headshrinker horseshit! These men are pulling gold right out of the river. You must catch these men, commander bromley. I thought you said these men were trained. Is that why you sleep with all these men? No, sir, i haven't worked with them personally, but believe me, sir, both of these men come very highly recommended. These men weren't on the list. rebuttal witnesses, your honor... I can't promise i can stop all these men. i promise... These men will chop you if you don't get up. men? these