The mist

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "The farmers say they come with the mist.", "They come in the night, in the mist.", "Apparently, they find dangerous things, spirits in the mist."
Come, master. we will take you on safe paths through the mist. The mist. Maybe we'll get clear of the mist If it wasn't for the mist, we could see the green light. Things... yeah there's a lot less of 'em in the daytime they'll wait they'll wait in the mist where you can't see 'em, Is that yours? meet the mist mobile. So norm could go out and clear the vent for the generator something come out of the mist and took him took him? You like that pacific northwest country, all the mist and that up there? Don't go out there there's something in the mist it took john lee David there's nothing out there nothing in the mist what if you’re wrong? Yeah, mist, hence the mist setting. Crewman madison, the mist of this strange planet is filling my head with such thoughts. It's so cool you get the mist on the side... He kept ahead as if looking for some old ghost... to rise up out of the mist. No, i'm sorry, i'm sorry a monstrosity did pull that poor boy away things in the mist... do you doubt? Something in the mist! Something to do with the mist. The mist is forming. Be in the mist. Saw it come down out of the hills, through the mist. Apparently, they find dangerous things, spirits in the mist. They come in the night, in the mist. The farmers say they come with the mist. mist the