That's disgusting

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "You're a pig. that's disgusting.", "Okay, that's disgusting, that's enough."
Okay, that's disgusting. i don't want to hear it! That's disgusting! mmm. That's disgusting! What's the matter? that's disgusting. Oh, that that's disgusting. That's disgusting. no, i can't even look. That's disgusting. That's disgusting. you're like an animal. It was twelve or thirteen percent. that's disgusting. We're not gonna go digging through your feces. that's disgusting! That's disgusting. i could taste that. Julian, that's disgusting! Do you know what? that's disgusting. That's disgusting! wait here! i'll get him! Fucking hell! that's disgusting! That's disgusting. come on, sister. Oh my god, my god! that's disgusting. Eeew, that's disgusting! he does this all the time. Gross. that's disgusting. Oh, that's disgusting! you thought he was cute? That's disgusting. you always were the crazy one. Snake vertebrae? that's disgusting. Oh my god, what is wrong with you? that's disgusting! Not literally. that's disgusting. jesus. Okay with everybody? that's disgusting. sounds good. That's disgusting donald! i dated him. Hey, look, bare tits! that's disgusting! Oh, my god. that's disgusting. What? that's disgusting. No, that's disgusting. i'm not buddhist. That's disgusting. i'm not going to translate that. I always think that's disgusting, you know? Seriously, that's disgusting. That's disgusting. i don't want to hear that. And i think that's disgusting. Yeah. that's disgusting. That's disgusting, you're gross. You going to have a little sex or... that's disgusting! That's disgusting, it also comes in dolphin, bear, monkey and worms. Mom, i just had breakfast. that's disgusting. That's... no, wait, that's disgusting. Slater, that's disgusting. Ugh, that's disgusting. Oh! that's disgusting! i love it! Oh, that's disgusting! Ugh, that's disgusting! That's disgusting. but seriously, what's wrong with me? Okay, that's disgusting, that's enough. You're a pig. that's disgusting. disgusting that's