Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Finally! my most loyal stranger.", "I'm not a stranger to you."
Hello, stranger. But it wasn't monica. it was a total stranger. The world has gotten even stranger than you already know. You're no stranger to criminal law. He acted like noelle was a complete stranger. Talk to me, james. don't make a stranger of me. You cold called me. you're a total stranger... I know you're no stranger to the workhouse. Don't you be a stranger around here. Total stranger. Sure, stranger, that's easy for you to say. Howdy, stranger. Turns out they're a complete stranger. Howdy, stranger. what can i get ya? You don't be a stranger! It was as if you were a stranger. You're no stranger to loneliness, then. He is a stranger. Spacecraft commander jim lovell, no stranger to emergency is he. You're going to sell me to a complete stranger? Come on. you're a jew, you're a stranger. What about a complete stranger? "the stranger came early in feb... " Don't be a stranger. What am i, a fuckin' stranger? Need no gift from the stranger. You just got hugged by a total stranger. You looked at your wife and saw a stranger, et cetera. 'howdy, stranger. this is hauser. The one thing that this job has taught me is that truth is stranger than fiction. He's not a stranger. The stranger? Am i a stranger? This is detroit, we're no stranger to this. And i met a gentle stranger whose society revives me. And if they're a stranger, who are they you gotta lie to? How am i gonna get a total stranger to enrage me? Words from a stranger don't drop instinct. You're a stranger. I'm your stranger. jump. You said, "hello, stranger." Hassan is no stranger to paris nightlife. We've never met. you're a complete stranger to me. Do you have that? can you give a total stranger six dollars Evening, stranger. good to see you. He told that stranger everything. Stranger, but for lucy. "the stranger by camus. " He's a stranger to our ways. Well, i'm not a stranger. right? Don't be a stranger. all right. Don't be a stranger. yeah. And these are friends, not just some stranger on the phone. Well, don't be a stranger, kid. So long, stranger. What can i do you for, stranger? People have done stranger things. that's right. Well, the count would not have entrusted my mission to a stranger. I have known stranger things. I'm a stranger in my own house. No, no. i don't think that's any stranger than any other idea. If you see a stranger... Not another little stranger? Well, i don't understand. couldn't he have been some stranger You're a stranger and a sneak. The stranger. oh, he's over at the learned goat. He's practically a stranger. I'd never gone and talked to a total stranger before. Sweetheart, mr. stevens is a stranger, honey. It's because he was a stranger. Peter, see, sydney's like a stranger. Why would you lie to a stranger? A stranger chattin' it up while you got your dick in your hand? Not a good one. you're not a stranger. You risked your life to share your food with a stranger. You sent two books to a stranger. A man of many parts, isn't he? tell me some more about this stranger. Who are you, stranger? Stranger and stranger. It might just be a bunch of borin' thoughts from one stranger to another. Don't be a stranger, okay? You in bed with a stranger. Hey, stranger. It's a long way to go for a stranger, you know. Stranger? Okay, well don't be a stranger. All of a sudden some stranger starts staying over, i'm not even consulted. Olly isn't a stranger. You're a stranger. you can get away with this. Stranger danger! You would? but you’re a total stranger. I know you. i don’t know you. you’re a stranger. I'm not a stranger to you. Finally! my most loyal stranger.