Improve your pronunciation: search phrases in movies and watch and listen videos with them. "Sir, he's telling the truth.", "But, sir, he wasn't.", "Back in school, sir.", "Sir, these dreams.", "No, sir, that will not be necessary."
Thank you, sir. Well, no offense, sir stevie... We are up to 80 ounces a day to counteract the symptoms, sir. Coming, sir. Yes, sir. We lost them, sir. I don't know, sir. I'm terribly sorry to inconvenience you, sir... I'm afraid, sir, tortuga is the only free port left in these waters. What was that, sir? How are you today, sir? The finnigan boy's in intensive care, sir. What is it you're trying to achieve, sir? I just want to understand this, sir. Excellent strategy, sir. 1974 stark expo model scan complete, sir. Sir, yes, sir. I have names, sir. It's very nice to meet you, sir. No, sir. Pardon us, sir. Yes, sir, i do. Rise, sir peter wolf's bane, knight of narnia. Sir, dr. evil's not bluffing. I'm sorry about that, sir. I put the notebooks in this one, sir. Excuse me, sir. By god, sir, i will not abide another toe. Sir thomas, master of the temple, wore the ox ring. Infantry, sir. What the hell does that mean, sir? The inspector's been over to baker street himself this morning, sir. Yes, sir? All the phones are down, sir. You, sir. Sir, during takeoff, you must remain seated. You have to make a decision, sir. I didn't learn from one mistake, and i made another, sir. You wanted to see me, sir? Bubble juice, sir? Are you surprised at my tears, sir? Looks like i'm your girl, sir. I do have a parting query, sir thomas. Right, sir? I do, sir. Sir, i don't believe that the expo... Query complete, sir. Yes, sir! Yes, sir, i understand. Okay, sir. Don't you think, sir? Good day, sir. Sir, i am going to give you some medicine that is still very experimental. As well as can be expected, sir. It's not like that, sir. Sir, we need to ask you some questions. The roughnecks are always ready, sir. Looks like a bug was in his brain, sir. Sir, i personally guarantee that within 24 hours, iron man will be back on watch. Arise, sir austin powers. Lord beckett, the prisoner as ordered, sir. Is there something wrong, sir? It's lord blackwood, sir. Very good, sir. Should i call you sir? I don't have to wait for their cue if that's what you mean, sir. He has found it, sir. And a good day to you, sir! No, sir, that will not be necessary. Sir, these dreams. Back in school, sir. But, sir, he wasn't. Sir, he's telling the truth.