Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Good job, sergeant. thank you, sir.", "I am sergeant watanabe, your commanding officer."
Now, you're gonna work with sergeant drucker here. Tell us one about sergeant steel and his battling leathernecks. Private idiot. yes, sergeant. Yes, sergeant. Is sergeant gordon your friend? You stay with sergeant horvath. stay right here. I'm sorry, sergeant. Every weekend, sergeant. perfect. I smeared this sergeant in vice five yards. hanna's all over you. Sergeant o'neill. Staff sergeant barnes, sergeant elias, you hear me? Sergeant. Yeah, this is sergeant sullivan. Corporal. sergeant. ... . and sergeant jack vincennes. Sergeant warren, you bring that honcho over here. Sergeant white... . Thank you, sergeant! Sergeant warren's hit! Captain miller! sergeant horvath! Just got word from my sergeant. we're pulling the plug. Staff sergeant dignam... Sergeant williams? Ghoul it is. yes, sergeant! (sergeant) what the hell happened here? Staff sergeant barnes? sir! This is sergeant al powell of the los angeles police department. What is so funny, corporal? couldn't tell you, sergeant. He's here to give us his report. sergeant dignam. "callahan," sergeant said... "you put down that prick punch. I didn't fall asleep, sergeant. Sergeant horvath, do an ammo check. Sergeant... . We're honored, sergeant jack. Sergeant staehl, is it just me or do you get the sense that we're being insulted? No, sergeant! are you a dancing reindeer? Thank you, sergeant. my pleasure. My name is sergeant drucker, l. a. p. d. homicide. Sergeant hill, our relief showed up. I have a knife in my foot, sergeant. Sergeant williams, pick up, please. Sergeant staehl here tells me you had a burglary last night. Look like you're doing all right there, sergeant. Staff sergeant dignam is our liaison to the undercover section. Sergeant horvath! sir! No, sergeant! good. No, sergeant. are you contradicting me, What you got, staff sergeant? Sergeant? yeah. Sergeant, we'll get right to it. Call sergeant vincennes. O'neill, get me that centipede. sergeant? Sergeant howell. doss is still up there. This is sergeant sullivan. Drop your weapon and step away from sergeant sullivan. I'm a sergeant in the massachusetts state police. Don't worry about it, sergeant. Sergeant barnes. I don't think that poses a problem, do you, sergeant? Put your weapon on the deck and step away from sergeant sullivan! (sergeant) this is a mess. No, sergeant! are you contradicting me, private? Sergeant baxter, hi. i'm inquiring... I am sergeant howell or sarge. The vice sergeant... says hanna likes you. Staff sergeant dignam has a style of his own. No, sergeant. You know, when we were shipping out of england the supply sergeant was handing out cartons of cigarettes, and i said "no, thank you, i don't smoke." Sergeant, get that asshole o'neill up here. Sergeant hill. yes, sir. This is, uh, sergeant howell. Look lively, sergeant. Well, sergeant? it's "lieutenant" now. Are you a fan of benito? no, sergeant. That dink was reported to me as nva by sergeant barnes, sir. Sergeant, we have crossed some strange boundary here. Sergeant vincennes was killed by a . I am, sir. sergeant powell. al powell. In no time you made sergeant. You listen to me, sergeant. Sergeant jojo, call for you, booth twenty two sergeant jojo, booth twenty two come in, no bets, you guys are going to love this. All right, sergeant, who do you want on ambush? He says he has your i. d. tell him sergeant vincennes is coming in to talk to him. A lot of them just wanna slam a nigger through a window... i'm set without your own personal job application, sergeant. Yes, sergeant. what happened? No, sergeant! are you a chipmunk? This is sergeant al powell give me that. Can you carry your weight? yes, sergeant! I did, sergeant. private kirzinski. The name is "ghoul," you say? walker, sergeant! I'm reese. sergeant, techcom. You wagonburning son of a bitch? no, sergeant! (sergeant) keep those bastards back! Well, i'm sorry, sergeant. Eve works in the local council, sergeant. Likewise for captain hendrix and gunnery sergeant crisp, who cut their teeth under my command in desert storm. I'm sergeant taggart and this is my partner, detective rosewood. I am sergeant watanabe, your commanding officer. Good job, sergeant. thank you, sir.