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Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Nice! come by to say "hello."", "Someone there for you to say hello to.", "Say hello to john sculley.", "Say hello to my little friend."
And me, i'm dick jennings... and now say hello to your favorite host and my boss... jimmy gator. Say hello to mutt for me okay? will do. Say hello to the potluck party from new york city. Thomas, you need to say hello to karen holloway. Say hello to the princess for me, will you? I like to say hello to headmaster trask. Say hello to a motherfucker who's inside. Say hello to mexico from me. Okay! say hello to my little friend! Say hello. I was actually calling to say hello to you. Say, "hello". hello. Shall we say hello? no. Dick, come on over and say hello to mr. and mrs. torrance. Okay, tappy, if you don't mind, i would just like to say hello... to my husband seymour... and to my beautiful, successful son, harry. L said l wanted to say hello. I might say hello to your old man. what do i say? your holiness? Long time. i saw you up there. wanted to say hello. Can you say hello to daddy? Should i say hello to dr. guggenheim or can he not hear me? Paul, say hello to my favorite beast in the whole world. So on the first day, l drive through the main gate... l say hello to scotty, and l go on down to makeup. You can go out and say hello to these people. Say hello to the outside world for us. Can you say hello to daddy? Is rupert here? shall i go and say hello? yes. Say hello to the twenty one century. That's too bad, because it's so great there... and if you were there, we could say hello. Did it say "hello"? it did. Say hello to dick vermeil, your new coach. Just calling to say hello. Just came by to wrap things up over there. thought i'd say hello. We need it to say hello. L promised my friend... that l would say hello to you today. Say hello to your mother. Say hello to your dadda. Say hello to marie for me. Say hello to our mayor, mr. tilman. If the mayor wants to say hello, he'll have to come down here. Wait, wait, wait... stefan just said, "say hello." Well my dear... say hello to the boys. Just come down and say hello. I just came to say hello. I'm not the one who has to have three scotches... just to walk in the house and say hello. Wanna say hello? You're not hearing me. it's not going to say hello. just fix it. Say, "hello, uncle jack. " I have to say hello. You go and say hello, and meet you where? at the bar? Mike, say hello to your folks, will you? Say hello to the last fellow who wouldn't cooperate with me. It's what i've... say hello! Say hello to jaimelyn. If you see a ghost you say "hello"... and continue on studying. Justine... we just have to go to the stables to say hello to abraham. Say hello to stanley, zero. Say hello to the little friend. Fellas, say hello to my old friend woody. And if you keep alienating people for no reason, there's gonna be no one left for it to say hello to. Can't you just say hello? Please. you have to tell me why it's so important for it to say hello. Say hello to snowball. snowball says, "merry christmas, patrick." I thought i'm in the neighborhood, i should just swing by and say hello. Come and say hello, will ya? Albie, this is dean shindel. say hello. Yeah, it was completely unavoidable, sir, so... just wanted to say hello, and, you know, ask you how you are. Mom and dad and all my brothers, they all say hello. Go ahead. so i just go over and say hello? Say hello, at least. it hasn't been that long. And, you know, next time, next time you see me there you should come over and say hello, or, or whatever. I wanted to say hello. Say hello to your wife, okay? I drop in and say hello to her every few days. And he didn't even wake me up, didn't even say hello to me. Say hello to fred smith from the university of west virginia. I didn't get a chance to say hello. Say hello to karen, mija. I tried to get it to say hello, but it's shy. You wanna say hello? Hey, you know, i'm gonna go say hello to amy over there. Well, i'll, uh... i'll come by and say hello if that's okay, when they get settled. Say hello to will, barney. You could stop through and say hello. You say hello to alison for me. ok. Please say hello to me. He said, "say hello to ivan locke." Say hello to col. Excuse me. i'm gonna go say hello to these people here. I'll try to get back from dinner early, i'll say hello to your friends, and then it'll be just you and me, alright? Congratulations! say hello to kevin andrews. I gotta say hello to the bronte sisters. I thought i'd come over and say hello. It absolutely is gonna say hello. Please say hello to our residents, pedro and his wife, inez. Say hello to my little friend. Say hello to john sculley. Someone there for you to say hello to. Nice! come by to say "hello." hello say