Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "I can't manage the ring, sam.", "No, sam."
Sam... All right, back up, sam. Sam lowry. Sam. Thanks, sam. Sam, i tell you what. Sam? Hello, sam. Or sam, or wanda. That's brilliant, sam. You were right, sam. You are right, sam. What was that, sam? Sam! Sam, it's freezing. Okay, sam. Sam, southwest rooftop. I can't ask you to do this, sam. There have been no meteorites, sam. You have changed, sam. Sam, get some sleep. Dear sam, my answer is yes. Hey, sam. Me neither, sam. Clearly, i made a mistake. sam, i was wrong. You hang in there, sam. over and out. Are you implying that sam is an orphan? I'm sam bell, too. I'm here to keep you safe, sam. They are memory implants, sam. Okay, you resting up, sam? Sam, what is it? And i love sam. What are we holding on to, sam? It will destroy you, sam. Sam lost her mind. The ring's taking me, sam. Come, sam. Sam. what's yours? Please, sam. Sam. what? Sam and i must get to bree. All right, sam. what's the play? Sam! call me... It's good to meet you, sam. Gerty says you're sam bell. Sam bell. Excellent, sam. You are sam bell. Sam! come here in here! You gotta love this guy, sam. Sam knew. Take care of yourself, sam. Want a tomato, sam? Sam, look, i'm begging you. Does he have any problems with uncle sam? Focus that fire on the left flank, sam. What in the sam ηill's going on here? Sam, you quit fiddling with that thing. Sam, i think i ought to tell you. Sam, information retrieval is expensive. That's me. for sam. My name's lowry. sam lowry. Sam, What a relief. well, finish your tea, sam. Worried? me? if i'm worried about anyone, sam, it's you. Hello? sam. where are you? I can't do this, sam. Don't you know your sam? It's your sam. It's calling to him, sam. I know what i have to do, sam. I want to help him, sam. He's led us this far, sam. Sam went with him. Sam. my dear sam. No! don't look down, sam! just keep going! The last pages are for you, sam. We set out to save the shire, sam. It's been four years to the day since weathertop, sam. I'm here, sam. No, sam. I can't manage the ring, sam.