Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "It will destroy you, sam.", "Sam, where you at?", "Sam, i think i ought to tell you."
Go. keep rolling, sam. And sam got her letter from penn state. What are we holding on to, sam? Sam did. okay, i'll take over from here. I'll tell you, sam. No! sam! Sam and i must get to bree. Sam, we're still in the shire. what could possibly happen? Sam, information retrieval is expensive. Sam! I checked it out and found that someone... told the one hundred and twelve military intelligence group at fort sam houston... to stand down that day, over the protests of colonel reich. Sam lowry. I hate to be the one to break this... but there's history with mary elizabeth and sam. No, sam. My favorite time, though, is lunch... because i get to see sam and patrick. It's calling to him, sam. The last pages are for you, sam. Welcome, i'm bryan callen, along with bestselling fight author, sam sheridan. It's your sam. Oh, sam. Sam, do you think if people knew... how crazy you really were, no one would ever talk to you? This is sam. tape table forty seven Is there any hope, gandalf, for frodo and sam? So sam tells me you wanna be a writer. What in the sam ηill's going on here? Sam, when j. j. riley conceived sparta, he wanted to create, quite simply, the biggest mixed martial arts spectacle in history. Sam... I'm so sorry, sam. I know what i have to do, sam. Sam. Sam, i'm so glad you came. Sam, Give me the ring, sam. And then there was sam. Come on, sam. Oh, sam, i'm so sorry. Don't worry, sam, he knows the way home. I try. sam, i try. Go on, sam. ask rosie for a dance. I know, sam. i know. Sam says they're kitschy and brilliant. Sam and patrick left, and i can't stop thinking about something. Go, sam. now! Focus that fire on the left flank, sam. We can't do this by ourselves, sam. not without a guide. They've taken it. sam... Sam, here's the young man you hit with your car out there. Sam, let a friend tell you your life is going wrong. Sam, happy christmas. Look after the others. especially sam. he will not understand. Sam? sam? No, sam! leave him alone! It's unprecedented, sam. Hand them out, sam. You are right, sam. Basically craig has been cheating on sam the whole time. Alison, sam lowry, an old friend. Sam, whatever happened to you? records. Come on, sam, he likes it, just look at him. Go back, sam! They're close. sam, do you know the athelas plant? Look, my name's lowry, sam lowry. My name's lowry, mr. warrenn. sam lowry. I do not ask you to come with me, sam. i know, mr. frodo. Sam has hardly left your side. I asked my sister about her... and she said that when sam was a freshman... the upperclassmen used to get her drunk at parties. I want to hear more about sam. On your feet, sam. Patrick. it's sam. it's sam speaking to you right now. I want to help him, sam. But the tank don't hit back, you know. sam... Sam? The ring's taking me, sam. Sam went with him. I think i understand, because i really like sam. All right, back up, sam. Don't you know your sam? That's brilliant, sam. I'm sorry, sam. i don't know why i said that. Thanks, sam. That's me. for sam. Sam, you got all you need? roll him over. Sam is going away right after graduation. Hurry! frodo and sam have reached the eastern shore. I know who you are, sam. Sam, i think i ought to tell you. Sam, where you at? It will destroy you, sam.