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Tell them if i ain't back in a week, to give half to sally. Hello, sally. Sally. that's nice. Looking for a girl, sally? They called me sally when my mum was alive. Out the northern sally port. Oh, god. sally? Good morning, sally. Sally was just subbing for me. It ain't fitting real well, sally. Of course, if maggie loses, it wouldn't mean anything to sally. What am i doing wrong, sally? Sally here's a real good manager. Hey, sally. Big willie. hey, sally. I can't. he's in mexico with sally. Does sally paintglass report to nicky or nicky cigars? Now don't forget. when sally gets back, you're my witness. I tried hard. well, sally, Sally, is every You're sally jupiter's kid. Sally ? Let's run it again, sally. Now, remember sally the cigarette girl? I've just got to have you, sally. I want you, sally. i... Sally, you can't break it off now. He's dying. he was on sally last week. Oh, hello. hi, sally. Jesus christ, sally. can't a guy talk to his... What is it, sally? Well, sure it is not my aunt sally. Sally, it's joey. Sally and darryl. You're part of that whole sally fowler crowd. Sally! I ain't talking about my aunt sally. Got a pickup for sally stubblefield. Explosion. sally scream. flash scream. everybody screaming. Hey sally, it's joey. Hey, dave, sally knows right? I feel you have misled us, sally. I'm sally. Sally, where did they take chip? Sally, right? Hi, sally. i know i'm late. I'm sally matthews. i know. He's really a wonderful man, sally. Oh, we're looking for sally. it's a hotel policy. And sally will be very good. Sally fowler rat pack. oh. Sally, could you call miss esposito to clean up a spill? Sally. Sally, what's going on? Sally, is something wrong? are you okay? Yeah, yeah, keep the peace, sally, keep the peace. "charlotte and sally were inside the house. You'd be the one to know, sally! Dr sally ride. Another day in paradise, sally. Sally had this planned for weeks. Hi, this is sally. this is pam. Sally, are you there? sally do Sally, what's going on? why didn't you come to the door? Hello? oh, hello sally? Sally, when did i become the bad guy all of a sudden? Sally, she yeah i know, but Sally, look out! Sally? Sally, my tech is concerned about the security of the site. So sally knew what she had coming. Damn, sally, what, you been holding out on me now? Sally, i want to have a look at charley. Sally! hi, geoff. I'm just exited to finally meat you, sally. You'd better be ready, sally. two weeks now. They should've called her harry, not sally. really. Miss. sally huntingtonquail. Everybody dies, sally. Sally? increased acceleration toward the object. Good morning, vica. good morning, sally. Well i'll talk to sally about that shielding in the morning. Sally! wait! Is sally okay? Sally. please. i don't know where everyone is. Sally! please. please. Sally. sally. You sally?