Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hello? oh, hello sally?", "No, it's okay. chip, go with grandma sally, okay?", "I mean, you've known sally for, what, ten days?"
Teeoff's30. more than enough time to put you away for life, sally. Big willie. hey, sally. Sally! no! no! Looking for a girl, sally? Sally here's a real good manager. "i found myself crouching over sally swanger's well... Of course, if maggie loses, it wouldn't mean anything to sally. Night, miss sally. merry christmas. Sally! sally! Sally was just subbing for me. Ada! it's sally! You're stayin' with us tonight, sally. Dibbs, sally. four million, six hundred and ten thousand, one hundred and ninety two What am i doing wrong, sally? Sally! get her neck. Sally, see to will's horse. In sally swanger's well. a man like a black smudge in the snow. It ain't fitting real well, sally. If you have any problem, go see sally two trees at ned logan's. Tell them if i ain't back in a week, to give half to sally. And i love you too, sally. i do. Sally, your cousin puts dresses on his cats. This is milton, this is sally, that's toby, and over there in the playpen is little baby joey. Hey, sally. You said read the telephone book. dibbs, sally. four million, six hundred and ten thousand, one hundred and ninety two Oh, god. sally? Good morning, sally. We can't leave them! sally, come on! Hi, sally. you got here so fast. Sally had this planned for weeks. It's all right, sally! come on! My friend sally is in the kitchen, and my daughter. "business prevents my being with you on this sad occasion. sally." They called me sally when my mum was alive. Sally, what's going on? Have you seen her? she's like one of those kids sally struthers feeds paste to. Hello, sally. Yeah, yeah, keep the peace, sally, keep the peace. Sally. rosie. rosie, sally. Fuck you, sally! What is it, sally? Sally. Sally, this door's locked. Got a pickup for sally stubblefield. Sally, concentrate! Sally, look out! Ride, sally, ride yeah! Sally ? Sally, where did they take chip? Let's run it again, sally. Hello, miss jupiter. oh, sally, please. Hey, dave, sally knows right? I told you i was coming by to pick him up. sally, where is he? All right, now they not only decide not to bump sally off, but they get a relative to ask an unrefusable favor on her behalf. Does sally paintglass report to nicky or nicky cigars? Sally, i think i'll buy the flowers myself. Now, remember sally the cigarette girl? Get on her! sally, get on her! Jesus christ, sally. can't a guy talk to his... I ain't talking about my aunt sally. Hey sally, it's joey. But sally... that's my wife... she had lionel... that's my boy... the night before i'm supposed to go! I can't. he's in mexico with sally. He came with sally. he's a buddy what's going on with my job? Sally, this is mr. carney. nice to meet you. What about sally ? Is this where you're parked? let's sally forth. Oh, hello. hi, sally. Furniture pads loadin' dock gonna keep checkin' on people if you need anything, just holler you bet sally, you mind? And sally mitchell, this is martin sixsmith, used to be the bbc's man in moscow. Sally, right? And sally will be very good. Sally, are you there? sally do What exactly you think we're doing in the ninety thousand, two hundred and ten sally? We're almost lit, couple of minutets alright, tim and sally, five minute warning, five minute warning. Sally! hi, geoff. They should've called her harry, not sally. really. Sally fowler rat pack. oh. I tried hard. well, sally, No matter how hard they tried, roger and sally could not get back in. Sally, when did i become the bad guy all of a sudden? And sally, like everyone else, found herself doing her bit. Miss. sally huntingtonquail. Now don't forget. when sally gets back, you're my witness. I feel you have misled us, sally. I'm sally. Geoff! sally, give me your hand. Out the northern sally port. Sally! Sally... she begged me to go. Well i'll talk to sally about that shielding in the morning. If you want to get back into journalism, you should talk to sally. He's really a wonderful man, sally. She dropped out. aunt sally! Well, i wanna come back to her now, because there are some great radio stories associated with sally. Sally will be playing caroline. congratulations. I mean, you've known sally for, what, ten days? No, it's okay. chip, go with grandma sally, okay? Hello? oh, hello sally?