Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Rosie, wait, wait, wait... or fly into a flock of birds. i mean it!", "I like you. i like you, too, rosie.", "Janet reno or rosie o'donnell?"
Hello? rosie? Hey, rosie. More of the same, rosie. That's emily and rosie. Is that rosie? daddy, who is that? Good. yeah. i had another little one, rosie. How little miss rosie doin'? One hour and i'll be back. bye, baby. rosie? Rosie. Heths didn't have a problem giving up adair, when we first had rosie. Well, where is it? rosie ate it. Too bad rosie hadn't eat your head instead! Ne, rosie. samo pogovarjava se. Rosie? rosle: yeah? Rosie, walk. I'm sorry, rosie. Hey, rosie? To rosie. Oh, yeah. rosie. You're evil, rosie dunne. Or rosie? This is all because of you, rosie. "greg's not the man for you, rosie. Oh, rosie, i'm... Dear rosie, i can't believe it. "rosie, you deserve someone who... " anything for me? You have to give me a chance, rosie! Come on, rosie. nothing happened, we were just... Well, that happens, rosie! Rosie! alex! thank god! where are you? Rosie? have you found it? No, no, no, no! rosie, rosie! He's a strong one, rosie. You shouldn't take it, rosie. Rosie... Rosie! Rosie is seven. Is she all right, rosie? Hang on, rosie. God bless you, rosie. Show him what you got from the basket, rosie. And you're a lady, rosie. shut up, you. Tell him about mr. soames, rosie. What took you so long? hi, rosie. Rosie. who the hell is this? What was her name? rosie. I'm looking for a girl named rosie. What you got her painting there, rosie? Did you give 'em all names, rosie? Nobody else. there's rosie. It's about rosie, man. This is rosie, my daughter. Duncan, you should have seen rosie. Yes. rosie. Rosie, walk, come on. We owed rosie ourwhole lives. You'll have full charge of training rosie. with a raise. I convinced myself i had to stay to protect rosie. Rosie, walk! Rosie, move, walk! now jab her! To rosie. to all we love. Run, rosie. I've got to go rosie, i'm late for john. millie, please. Hey, rosie. rosie! Ah. hey, rosie. Oh, my... rosie. Hello, rosie. Hey, rosie, we're home. Oh rosie, just... Anyway. rosie. Rosie, this is it. Hi, this is rosie. leave it at the beep. Rosie, he only has a few months left. Tommy. tommy and rosie. yeah, two m's, yeah. Open it! rosie, fucking open the door. i'm trying! "rosie, do you need help?" Yeah, rosie. yeah. Ring around the rosie a pocket full of posies Open that door, rosie! Well done, rosie! Rosie! lt's fine. You know what? rosie, hang on. i have another caii. Rosie, stop. i'm about to go onair. Nice try, rosie. Rosie, l miss you. Rosie, don't say that. come on. hey! Yeah, rosie brennan. Rosie, hey! To actually getting rosie out of the house! Well done, rosie. L'm sorry, rosie. l'm just trying to do the right thing here. Shit! rosie, hurry up! l need my lucky bra for my interview. L'm impressed, rosie. L don't know. rosie. Janet reno or rosie o'donnell? I like you. i like you, too, rosie. Rosie, wait, wait, wait... or fly into a flock of birds. i mean it!