Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Odette, please.", "Please. please, doss, no. no. don't leave me."
Please don't hurt my son. Please, they're crawling in my mouth. If you lose your faith in me, please keep your faith in people. Could you please just give me a minute? Please! step away from the bars! Please, punish me. i'm about to. Could you identify him for us, please? you win, counselor. Liberty, come in, please. this is spirit. come in. Please. my insides hurt. Please. please, harvey. please. My little princes. please. Sir, could you help, please? Please don't punish the boy. Please. Uh, can we get a minute, people, please? Please, i beg you, get them off. Please don't be mad at me. shh. So, please, don't come here and make judgments on me, all right? But, sir, please. Oh, lord, why is this happening to me? god, please help me figure it out. Okay, please? It is of no use, father. please, hurry. And for what i've done, please forgive me. Yeah, pass, please. Ten nine eight seven dear god, please, make them be nice to him. Please read out the question... salim. Sweet vermouth, rocks, with a twist, please. Now do stop, sir, please. Boston globe. one moment, please. Move away, please. Let me explain, sir. please wait. Yeah, now. please. frankie, go help your mom. Send the barman over, please. That's a very hard thing. please. Please. give me your hand. Oh, please. what's the matter, marty? are you nervous? Could you stand right there for me, please? Could he come work with you, please? Please go. So please stop being so defensive. this isn't an inquisition. Will dr. andrew baker... please pick up a white courtesy phone? Please, detective! stop! You can seem angry, like... please don't say, "like dad." Would you please hold me? And, please remember... we have left nothing to chance. Bring up the next group, please. Yeah, roger van zant. please hold. Can you send a nurse please? Would you go look, please? Please don't yell, honey. just don't go crazy. Henry! henry, please. ¿donde esta spit, please. You understand? i've heard enough, please. Jagannath, bring me the list please. Please stop. My husband's being a bore. oh, please. Please leave a message. this is urgent. May i have your attention, please? Help! please help us! please! sir! sir! When i got this, i said, "lord, please help me get one more." Droid, please! pilex driver, hurry. Please. please leave. Hi. george willis, please? Excuse me, sir. where are you going, please? Don't. you must do it. wanda, please. Gentlemen, i'm gonna need y'all to leave the premises in an orderly fashion, please. Charlie, please. you're both being foolish. Now, please. Come on out. please, ma? Please! Father i wasn't disputing after you've finished medical school... and you're on your own then you can do as you damn well please. Look, will you stop folding towels for just one second and please listen? I... yes. can i get a towel, please? Please, allow me. it will be easier. what are you doing? Step forward, please. Come outside, please. Some organ donation forms… please encourage your friends and family to pledge their organs. Please be so kind as to enter a password of your choice. You'll be a woman soon please come take my hand He's going to show up here? please. Coffee, sir? please. No! god, no! oh, my god, no! please, no! Please accept it. Please, jimmy. You never went to college. please, don't touch that. Sugarbush lodge. george willis, please. Please. not now. Paul, please, let us take tatiana with us. Please tell me those cars aren't empty. One last story? please. Please clear the grid. Ma'am, open up, please. it's important. Please, my baby's sick. Open this door, please. come on. Nate, could you please excuse us? Please don't shoot! Please, don't. i'm finished and glad of it. If you would, i would like you, please... to lead miss parkinson and the rest of slytherin house from the hall. Please. please, doss, no. no. don't leave me. Odette, please.