Improve your pronunciation: search phrases in movies and watch and listen videos with them. "Do you like the pie?", "I've been looking forward to this pie.", "Get the pie.", "Are you baking a pie?", "I love mom's cherry pie!"
Blueberry pie to go with the pancakes. This piece of gum happens to be tomato soup, roast beef and blueberry pie. Hi, cutie pie. Blueberry pie. After that, i'm going to have a slice of pie. Hello, cutie pie. Pie for breakfast? You be sure and thank maisie for this fine pie. Damn straight, cherry pie. Choked on his pigeon pie. You can save the humble pie jesus routine for somebody who gives a damn. Do you want pie? Look, the pie. You goddamn pie hawker! Nothing's going on, neutral zone is quiet, the crew is bored, so they put on a pie eating contest. Where's the pie? So, no, on the shepherd's pie. Pigeon pie. You put your dick in a pie. Bring the whole pie. He's referring to the pie. No good ever came from a piece of cherry pie. Bake you an apple pie, maybe? Best pie in the tristate area. Take a rain check on that pie. Pie tins. Hot damn that pie is good! Dude, when have i ever forgotten the pie? And two more pieces of this incredible pie. Yeah, well, in prison, he'll be the pie. Pie eating contest. I don't think lord varys likes fish pie. Excellent lamprey pie. You're dancing around, you're baking a pie. It's frigging noah's ark out there and we're eating pie. ...half a shepherd's pie. Do you want pie with your coffee? Pie eating contest? You're benefiting from that pie. Would you like some pie? I've never had a bean pie. You should taste her fish pie. That's great huckleberry pie, mrs. hayward. Good bye, hot pie. This cherry pie is a miracle. The pie, she was talking about the cherry pie. Ed, looks like pie and coffee's on you. Are you saying that you think a celebration pie... Of the pie dish with cheese How about a nice big piece of cherry pie? I need pie. I should clarify that statement by explaining that she calls me moon pie. Definitely pie. Steak and kidney pie. Why not indulge yourself at biggerson's homemade pie bar? Game over, moon pie. A whole pie? Dean loves pie. I made you a pie. And you helped baked that pie. A mouthful of pumpkin pie. All that apple pie, family crap? Cherry pie? She calls me moon pie because i'm nummy nummy and she could just eat me up. I ain't about to feed you no thanksgiving pie. You sure you don't want pie? I brought you a bean pie, heylia. Cherry pie and coffee. Yo, what's up with the pie, man? You never know when you might need to make a pie chart. Mrs. cooper, were we supposed to take that pie out of the oven? How much do you like the pie? But make sure you leave room for pie. I love mom's cherry pie! Are you baking a pie? Get the pie. I've been looking forward to this pie. Do you like the pie?